BetonSports Prepares to Close Offices


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Jun 30, 1998
Embattled sports betting company BETonSPORTS (BoS) told its employees today that it would be shutting down its Costa Rican and Antiguan offices.

Rumors of a shut down, perpetuated mostly by online tabloids, have spread
like wild fire since Monday. A company spokesperson today confirmed that BoS upper management terminated approximately 800 employees this afternoon, although he could not confirm the effective date.

The company's Web site,, has been non-operational since July 19 when it shut it down in partial compliance with the temporary restraining order issued by the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Missouri. The TRO has since been extended until Aug 14. when another TRO hearing is scheduled.

One major issue that remains unanswered is whether or not and when BoS
customers will get their money back. The TRO orders the company to return all money to U.S. account holders, but thus far BoS has failed to do so.

U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway said the U.S. government has every right to
seize the money if BoS does not return it.

"In all kinds of crimes we forfeit money that someone has paid," she said.

A BoS executive told the Associated Press that the company is working on
returning deposits and pending wagers.

"Customers will get their money," the executive said, adding that because of
the TRO, some payment processors have stopped doing business with BoS,
causing them to have no way to transfer the bulk of the money to gamblers.

"We are in a difficult position," the executive said.

The BoS spokesman said the company would release an official statement on
Friday morning including information on the closing date and the status of
U.S. accounts.
Not preparing...

The have already closed their operations...

1400 people in Costa Rica looking for a job right now.

Unfortunately, since most of them were phone answering "robot" bookies, thats pretty much what they can do...

Good thing is that several companies like Hewllet Packard,IBM, Cisco, Sykes and several other companies are oppening call centers...

It seems that BoS will be increasing their activity in Asia, as far as for Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) , millenium sports and the V.O Group which recently was absorbed by BoS, their days are over.

Much have been said, but the truth is that it will be hard for the US to keep doing this with other operations.

It was an awful strike for the gambling industry, but I am pretty sure the earthquake has passed.

For all those fellow citizens, the best wishes for you. I am pretty sure a lot of guys in BoS who were making good $$$ probably are thinking that they must had learned something more than taking a Parlay over the phone through those years about the gambling industry.

Never the less, dont give... and I hope you all get paid what you deserve

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