Bitch and Moan Betonline.Do they speak English? What a joke their service dept.


OMG. I have spent the last several days talking to a collection of semi-English speaking,completely uninformed clowns at Betonline. Even the simplest questions were responded to with what seemed to me to be answers to someone elses question.
My casino play was in the tens of thousands but yet a 7.50 cent bonus I received was the cause of SO much confusion and misinformation.
I asked questions about rollover rules and actually received an email stating that my cashout request (I NEVER MADE ONE!!) was denied. The software showing play was consistently spitting out erroneous information...I just can't begin to address all the issues I experienced. I only wish I didn't have pending wagers at this point or I would close my Betonline account immediately and give them a piece of my mind!!
I would suggest filing a complaint at Sports Book Review . Com. Betonline is a banner sports book at SBR. All you have to do is search the SBR forum and you will see all of the problems they are having.
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I played at BO a long time ago and immediately got an uneasy feeling about the place. Kind of like Bet Phoenix.



I too,should have known when,before I ever made my first deposit,they responded in a manner that implied no understanding. I have since closed my account with them..Check that ,ATTEMPTED to close it. I sent 8 emails telling them to close it. I received 4 in return stating the account had been closed and,lo and behold,each time I was able to log into my account moments later. Their support is a JOKE.