WARNING BetOnline.ag is confiscating player winnings without justification


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Jan 20, 2004
Over the past year we've seen a number of complaints against BetOnline.ag including a couple PABs for substantial amounts, close to $150,000 on the PABs alone.
The reasons given to the players for the confiscations were never very confidence inspiring but lately they've degenerated to dismissive comments like ”it’s a management decision” or "you've played in an unethical manner".

The casino hasn't responded properly to any of these cases and most recently they've said:
If further information is needed, we require to speak with the player in question directly.
Trying to explain to them that the players' attempts to do so have routinely failed so the players have turned to us produced no comment.
Explaining that we are certified arbitrators and the player has every right to ask us to speak on their behalf has produced no comment.
The bottom line is that they've taken a lot of player money and aren't willing to explain, or even discuss, why they've done so.
And last but not least BetOnline.ag is apparently licensed in Panama which is very low indeed on the list of trustworthy jurisdictions.

WARNING: BetOnline.ag is confiscating substantial amounts of money from players for completely inadequate reasons. They are ignoring player complaints and refuse to recognize the player's right to arbitration.
Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid BetOnline.ag and all its operations.
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