cut my balanse 54 000$ .


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hi , they frozen my account and cut my balance 54k . explain this soft error with game what Im play . im play in poker, in bukmak betting , in slots , in financial. they cut all my balance . just live 130$ thet amount of my last deposit. im lost per month 2k on deposit, when im have lacki they cut my money. explain this eror of casino soft. but when im play I don't have eny problem with game.


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Hello, Max Drayman here. I handle the Complaints side of things at including the PABs.

I have received your PAB regarding but I see that you posted here 11 minutes after submitting the PAB. I have to ask if you have you read the PAB FAQ.

The FAQ is necessary reading for all those who wish to use the PAB service. The FAQ tells you the scope of our service, what you can expect from us and -- also very important -- what we expect from you. If you don't understand and/or cooperate with the PAB process then your PAB will very likely fail. So please do read the FAQ asap.

I say this because you are already in violation of the FAQ guidelines. For details FAQ section 3.12.

Once you've read the FAQ and understand the problem please contact me via PM -- or at -- and let me know whether you will comply with the FAQ (and allow me to continue work on your PAB) or you will continue to post in which case you PAB will be closed and discarded.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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betonline took back 2500$ complain Not resolved
I won't ask you to go into details. PM or email maxd who is handling your PAB. Keep the subject off the boards until it is truly resolved.


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Well, feel free to elaborate then.

If you reached an agreement they reneged on though, that is important.

If they withheld $2500 of a your $54,000, I'd have to say your reached a pretty satisfactory resolution and you were wise to take the offer.