BetonBet reneges on casino bonus


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Jan 15, 2006
On August 22nd BetonBet sent out an email about a deposit bonus and a reload bonus that contained the following information:

"Playing casino games earns you 1 player point every $3.333 in turnover.

To get the deposit bonus you need to collect enough player points within 60 days of the initial deposit. A bonus requires 20 points for every dollar.

For example, a deposit bonus of $50 will require 1000 points. As soon as you have collected the points needed, your bonus will automatically be credited to your BetOnBet account."


I deposited for this bonus and confirmed the terms and that there were no game limitations with multiple support people. I was a bit concerned that the bonus didn't show up anywhere and there was no way to track wagering. However, no less than 4 separate CS people confirmed that my bonus was pending and that casino play or any combination of casino/poker/sports wagering could be used to clear it.

After I was sure I had wagered enough to receive the bonus, but it still hadn't shown up I was referred to the casino manager, who did not respond to emails.

Today, all players received an email that said the following:

"The newsletter informs about the calculation of player points in order to receive these bonuses, and the incorrect piece of information is:

Playing casino games earns you 1 player point every $3.333 in turnover.

In fact, casino gaming does not generate points towards First Deposit Bonus and Reload Bonus, and the reason is that we are about to launch an exclusive reward program for our casino, where points will be generated through casino gaming and converted into money."


In keeping with the terms of this board, I will not speculate on why a casino might plan something like this, other than to say that whether it was an "honest mistake" or not, there are no "honest mistakes" in the wagering world. I cannot 'honestly' click the $100 chip instead of the $10 chip, or "accidentally" wager on black instead of red.

This casino sent out a bonus with the T&C clearly laid out ($3.33 playthrough per point, 20 points for each $1 of bonuc cleared, bonus credited after playthrough). These conditions were verified by multiple CS people. I followed their instructions, made my deposit, and played through the requirements.

Now they get to say, whoops, our bad?
makes me sooooo mad!

I understand your frustration! So csr's wont talk to you anymore, manager wont return your emails. It's is getting to sound like it is happening all around us, at least from what I am reading in other posts. I havent been on this forum very long but I have learned alot from it.
Did you win anything from your deposit? If not then you could scan copies of the emails and maybe a log of your deposit (dates verify that you deposited within receipt of email -well, i hope that is the case) and ask for you deposit back. Or if you did win, I'd just thank heaven for that and then run like heck ! Stick to an accredited casino listed on this forum.
At least if you run into trouble the reps can be contacted thru the forum and Brian would go to bat for you if you "pitched a fit" . I dont know if that is something you can do now, you could always contact the CasinoMeister and see what he has to say. (copies of emails too). Sounds like bait and switch technique dosnt it?
I wish the best to you..:) --anybody have suggestions??

I don't think it is worth pitching a bitch over, and I don't think that the casino will be convinced to give me my original deposit back. I'll pull out what is in there and not give them any future play based on my frustration with their switcheroo. Just another example of online operators being able to do whatever they want.

Some days I think I should get about 100 friends together and start an online casino. Not only will we have the magic of the house edge, but if things get a little tight we can always start freezing accounts, slowpaying, confiscating winnings for bonus abuse, changing terms and conditions mid-promotion and if all else fails just pull the site offline and run with the money.

youd think by now places would realize that you'll make a lot more money in the long haul by running a great casino and building a large and loyal customer base.
There is talk about doing that, opening a non bonus casino where noone can get screwed up with bonuses because there would be none! NO issues to deal with except the regular fighting evil players who intentionally scam casinos.
Good luck to you!:)

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