BetMGM refuses to pay winner over 3 million

You see,

When someone is able to hord in huge amount(s) of cash, it's never an issue. No SOW no halfway nothing. Ive bin in the exact situation one day. Ive played for 3 days straight. And i managed to come ahead with quite a big big balance. When i hit the withdrawl button, i got kind of nervous. These are the type of things that a casino could just file it onto a malfunction and simply block your account.

They could have seen the 5 days straight bit betting going on; like that does'nt ring a bell. It's not a players reponsibility to 'beta test' wether a game has a flaw or not. The good part is that they attempted to settle the case with either 20k cash or 75k worth of credits. In a lawsuit this would actually stand a chance, because agreement to such settlement means that any future dispute about the 3 million is gone already.

The player does stand a chance in court here.

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