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Apr 21, 2005
Fountain Colorado
Won $5000.00+ and the winning was reversed as a "manager's" decision because the winning was based on a $15.00 bonus they gave me. There is a required play through of 10 times the bonus; I played through $1100.00. The remaining $3900.00+ balance was kept by the casino. BetMax Casino is not honoring their debt to me. I had spent money in the progressive machine I won on in the last several months. Other guests spent thousands to boost the progressive to the $5000+ that I won. They are simply keeping this money; it was not paid to me nor was it put back into the machine. What can I do to collect. I live in USA and "virtual gaming" is highly frowned upon; I have no recourse but to seek your assistance. Please help.
A reminder though. Montana has been terribly slow. I have not had a reply since sending a complaint to them about 3 weeks ago. Although there is a tracking number,this did not even appear when I logged into the link they gave me. So,patience is of the utmost importance when asking Montana for help.
Sounds no good.
-Was there a maximum withdrawal amount for free chips perhaps? Otherwise I do not see any reason not to pay you.
Any promotional credit received by the Casino Administration has minimum wagering requirements of 10 times the bonus on slots and a maximum cash out of 10 times the bonus unless otherwise stated. Free money coupons have a max cashout of 10 times the amount redeemed unless specified otherwise.

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Now, whether that $5k less the $1100 goes back into the progressive meter is another question...they don't appear to be licensed anywhere, so there's not hope there, but it might be worth reporting to Montana as it can create a p8ublic relations problem for all their progressives.
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Mhhh. Its weird that they even paid you so much then.
However, why did the Casino not point out the rule to you but said it would have been due to "managers decision"?
This phrase has mainly been used by RTGs in order to not pay legitimate winnings. :p
Maybe it was the manager's decision to pay out more than $150. In which case the manager was doing a good thing by paying *more* than the T&C dictated. But then you'd think there'd be some happy, "Because you're a valued player we're waiving our 10X bonus cap and giving you your action back!"

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