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Jan 20, 2004
In September '08 a player racked up about $60,000+ balance at BeTheDealer thanks to a jackpot and some general winnings. The casino immediately invoked their T&Cs, specifically the clause that limits their monthly payouts to the player:

... winnings of over $2,500 may be limited to a payout rate of $2,500 per month.

Though less than pleased with this the player accepted it and began to receive their payments. Unfortunately after a couple months the casino arbitrarily decided to scale those monthly payments back to $1000 per month, again per the T&Cs:
** In specific circumstances the Casino reserves the right to enforce withdrawal payouts by an alternative payment method other than the option chosen and enforce customized individual payment plans.

This clause in particular is unforgivable since it forces the players to agree that the casino can pay them whatever they feel like paying regardless of how long that may stretch out the payment plan. Why not $100/month? Why not $5? As occurs from time to time we have to reiterate that just because something is written in the T&Cs that does not mean it is reasonable or fair.

Given the size of this player's win and the typical procedure within the industry of setting a reasonable payout schedule -- usually Jackpot wins are paid off in a few installments or via a plan that pays out the balance within a year -- we would have hoped that the casino would offer an "individual payment plan" of more per month, not LESS.

The bottom line is that $2500 a month is ridiculous for a winning of this size, never mind $1000 per month. Common business sense should be followed here, not some lock-step mantra of their T&Cs. We believe they should make an exception and pay the guy in a year, preferably as marked from the first payment in Sept '08.

Warning: BeTheDealer uses Terms & Conditions that may severely limit the rate at which winners will be paid. This means that payment plans can and will stretch out to several years or more. Exceptions will not be granted since the casino takes the hard line of quoting the T&Cs by the letter.
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Just to add - I really have no idea what this casino is thinking here. We had a complaint that was covered in Casinomeister's Halloween Special video presentation "Be the Squealer" where a player was owed $18k. He was getting jerked around as well.

But then the casino paid the guy I believe all at once. So this payment plan for this player is an odd way to go.
Breaking news! The casino has responded constructively and seems willing to increase the player's payments. Assuming that all parties can be satisfied I am hopeful that we can withdraw this Warning soon.
Resolved! The casino has significantly increased the player's monthly payments, they agree to continue this for the duration of the pay-out, and the player is happy.

Warning withdrawn.

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