Betfred Withholding Funds


May 22, 2021
Hi just seeking some advice on my current situation with betfred.At the end of May I signed up to betfred.I did not realise i had previously had an account that was self excluded.The self exclusion had expired in octobor 2020 however.After a couple of small withdrawls and a couple of hours play you would assume everything was fine.I started betting big.I ended up depositing £10,900,My balance was £10,000 Then my account was blocked.I was told i had to do a reccommence gambling before i am able to access my funds and account again.I am then Told they are not taking recommencements until july.The reason multiple customer service agents told me was because the gambling commision wont allow them because of covid etc.This was untrue as i contacted the gambling commision who were rather confused to why they were saying that.The gambling commision advised me to go to Ibas or citizens advice at the time aswell but i thought i will just wait until july.July comes another excuse,i have to wait until september,Now september comes and its 2022.Scandalous.I have had this raised to case managers to review my case but all with the same response i have to wait to do a recommencement.Very unelpful and not very understanding.Its a lot of money they are withholding from me and its causing a lot of stress.
How on earth can they allow me to deposit £10,900 and say thankyou very much and block my account??Its criminal.
I have done enough waiting,I made a claim to ibas today and will probably go to citizens advice.Any other advice would be apprecieted thanks.
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Mar 19, 2018
Can't you self exclude with them? I think they have to pay out any funds in your account if you are self excluded

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