Casino Complaint Betfred - Slow Support & Not Honoring Bonus


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May 1, 2015
Hi all. I would contact the Betfred rep about this issue, but it seems he is no longer active on here. Signed up recently to Betfred through an affiliate link that would get me a 500% bonus up to €1000. I waited a while before making my first deposit and taking the bonus, so I used their live chat to verify that I was still eligible for the bonus. Here's how that went:

13:52:38 [Me] Hi! I got a 500% bonus offer when I signed up that I never claimed, is it still available? :)
13:52:58 [Marc M] Hello, welcome to Betfred online Live Support. My name is Marc M.
13:53:16 [Marc M] Depends on how long ago and also if you ever deposited in the Casino. May I please have your user name, date of birth, full name, first line of your address and answer to your security question?
13:53:55 [Me] -----
13:54:56 [Marc M] Thank you. Looks fine to me. Deposit into Chips and the bonus will be offered to you
13:55:35 [Me] Ok, thank you! Just wanted to check :)

So one day later, I downloaded their casino client and made a €50 deposit. Upon depositing, I received a 100% bonus, not a 500% bonus. This was incorrect, clearly, so I talked to their live chat again.

16:37:12 [Me] Hi, I just made a deposit to take part of your 500% welcome bonus, but I only got a 100% bonus. What is the issue here?
16:37:39 [Dan C] Hello, welcome to Betfred online Live Support. My name is Dan C.
16:38:20 [Dan C] If there 500% hasn't been added then it could be the case that the promo code no longer exists or has expired.
16:38:29 [Dan C] I can only apologise.
16:38:47 [Me] I literally asked yesterday on live chat if the bonus was active on my account, the rep said I could deposit and receive the bonus.
16:39:08 [Me] He said there was no problem.
16:39:21 [Dan C] We can't see what bonus will be added until the deposit has been made
16:39:44 [Me] He stated that the deposit bonus was active on my account, as I had never made a deposit.
16:39:49 [Me] Are you able to look up the chat logs?
16:41:41 [Dan C] we can see previous chat logs but there is nothing our department can do. Did you receive this in an email?
16:42:23 [Me] About the 500% deposit offer? Yes. If you could mail me a copy of the chat logs from the previous rep I spoke with yesterday, that would be highly appreciated, Dan. :)
16:42:52 [Me] Outdated URL (Invalid)
16:42:56 [Me] Here are the terms for the bonus.
16:43:21 [Dan C] What I was actually going to ask is if you can forward that email over to [email protected] we can get this looked into by our promotions team to see if they will apply it for you?
16:44:03 [Me] Certainly! I'd also like to point out that the terms in the bonus state no expiry date, and clause 8 says "In the event of not receiving your bonus automatically, please contact out 24/7 online support via Live Chat prior placing any bets. Failure to claim the bonus before playing shall disqualify the player from this bonus."
16:44:11 [Me] But I will forward the email, thanks. :)
16:45:39 [Dan C] I must advise you not to play the casino until this has been resolved because if you play with an other bonus or the funds are not present in the account then it is certain we can not add this. As far as our department are aware this promotion no longer exists, as you received the email though we will defintely get this looked into.
16:45:45 [Dan C] I apologise for any inconvneience.
16:46:20 [Me] No worries, I have not and will not place a bet until this matter is resolved. Thanks for your help, Dan, I understand that there is not much you personally can do about this. :)
16:47:08 [Dan C] Appreciate that, would you still like the chat log emailed over or is that okay now?
16:47:33 [Me] If you have access to the previous chat log from yesterday, then I would like that mailed over. As well as this one, just for reference. :)
16:48:01 [Dan C] I will need to take your details then so I can gain access. May I please have your user name, date of birth, full name, first line of your address and answer to your security question?
16:48:30 [Me] Certainly. -----
16:50:46 [Dan C] I will get this sent over once our chat is over. Is there anything else that I can help you with?
16:51:09 [Me] No, that's all for now. I've forwarded the promo email and everything. Thank you for your help, Dan. :)
16:51:23 [Dan C] Not a problem
16:51:25 [Dan C] Thank you for contacting Betfred. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is available 24 hours every day.

So I forwarded the mail to the promotions team, and then I get a response from them saying that I never received the promo email to begin with. This was about 1 and a half week after forwarding the promo email, mind you.

Dear ---,

After reviewing your account, we cannot see any promotional emails that have been sent to your resgistered email address since 16th December. Can you please confirm to us the email address you in fact received this promotion to please?

Once we receive this we can then look into the factors of this not being credited.

Confirmed that my email did indeed receive the message, haven't received a response in 5 days.

I can see why these guys are no longer accredited. :) Here are the terms for the bonus, still online, if you would like to check them out: Outdated URL (Invalid)

I just don't understand how a place with a 24/7 live chat could possibly take this long to resolve a simple issue like this. Has anyone had similar experiences with this casino?


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Nov 28, 2010
I haven't deposited at Betfred, I do recall that they had an issue with rigged games.

But I have had the exact same thing happen to me at Grand Reef Online Casino.
Staff refused to let me have the affiliate bonus I signed up with, instead they insisted that I take the lesser value regular bonus.
To add to this, I had to ask them 3 times to close my account.
I even tried to contact the affiliate back and tell them what Grand Reef are up to; no help.
This is nothing unusual for online casinos.

I would just advise to close your account with Betfred and to keep away as what they are doing is a pretty good warning sign.


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May 1, 2015
Figured I'd update this since their brilliant promotions team has finally made a decision. They simply claimed that the bonus email was spam (even though you could sign up through the link I provided earlier in the first post and receive the same email), and that as such I was not eligible for the bonus. I was just about instruct them on how to recreate the steps I took to receive the email, when I noticed that they had taken the campaign offline and replaced it with a 300% bonus (which they did not even bother to offer me, by the way).

Absolutely astonished at how they're handling this.

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