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Dormant account
Mar 15, 2011
Apparently,I was overcharged the deposit of £30 X 7 times=£210.
Betfred has ignored my e-mails until yesterday(I had to re-send them another e-mail), more than one week after I did send them my first e-mail.This did happen between 28/02/2011 and 1/03/2011.First of all I did several deposits of £30 each one,I was overcharged 2 deposits of £30=£60 on 28/02/2011.Then on 1/03/2011 first,I did deposit £30,played for a while and I withdrawed the remain of the £30,about £10.Then I did deposit another £30,and I was fed up about the Roulette game being not very RANDOM in my opinion.As soon as I hit a number,then a huge streak of LOSING!.How does the RNG avoids the RANDOMNESS?.All the time were appearing the numbers,that were uncovered!,betting in more than 25 numbers!.
Eventually,I did withdraw those £30 as well.
Then in my Bank Statement appears 7 deposits of £30,when in fact I did two only.I went to check my Betfred account about all the deposits,winnings,withdraws.Appeared a message,saying that there was no deposits made,no nothing.I was talking with someboy at their Live-Help,I did ask for a statement from my account about all the deposits,that where made at Bedfred.They were not able to provide such information.I was told to contact the Betfred support.After that,my Bedfred account was locked up.
More than a week,since I did contact the Betfred support,without a reply from them,and then I had to re- send another e-mail to then.Eventually,I was told by Betfred that my Branch can ask for such information in my behalf.
When you deposit some cash through your VISA,the deposit goes straight to the website WITHOUT the VISA SECURITY WINDOW CHECK.
Where is the information,that I did request about the statement from my Betfred account?.Why does it take so long to reply for such information then?.
Thanks for listening.

To: Thursday, 3 March, 2011 14:53
Hello there Betfred!
I have just received the statement from my Branch Barclays.I believe about £210 has been
taken from my debit card.I am going to present a charge back at my branch Barclays,because I am pretty sure that on 1/03/2011 I did not deposit:
£30 X 7 times=£210.
Also,I am goinmg to ask at VISA SECURITY CHECK,how many times my password for deposit went throught.
Actually it was first £30 and then another £30=£60.Not £210.
The same for the first deposit that I did,it was actually £30 X 7 times=210.What a coincidence the same as the deposit made on 1/03/2011.This is what appears in my statement from my branch:
£30 X 9=270
And a small one of £12.20
I did deposit that day £30,first and then another £30.I did withdraw about £10 from the first
deposit£30 and then the whole £30 from the second one.£60,not £210.
Are you saying that I kept deposting 5 X£30 more times?.I do not think so.
Yesterday I did try to check my statement at my Betfred account and what a coincidence,that appears a message saying that there is no acitivities in the last few days.I really need you to show me every single activity that I have been doing at Bedfred Casino online:Deposits,winnings,loses and withdraws.Also all the bets,that I did place and how I did win or lose at Roulette.
I did not deposit £210 on 1/03/2011.I did deposit £60 only.
First time,when I did deposit my first £30,it does not appear the VISA SECURITY window,that takes you to the VISA SECURITY check,in my case Barclays.Why not?.The cash is taken staright again,so quick.
Please would you mind to send me those statements from my Bedfred account?
£30 X 7 times have been taken wihout my authorization.
Yours Sincerely

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because I am pretty sure that on 1/03/2011 I did not deposit:
£30 X 7 times=£210.

Well I would think you would need to be certain.

I also don't think threatening chargebacks will help you either. It may well be the reason they are not communicating with you.

Contact the rep here

See what they can do and don't post anything else until you hear from them.

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