Betfred bonus Canadian players


aka LooHoo
I remember reading somewhere here on the forum that Canadian players had to bet 60x D+B so I wasn't taking bonuses at Betfred. Today I tried to find bonus wagering info on their site and couldn't find it so got online to chat - I decided to post it here in case any of my fellow Canucks have also been afraid to take bonuses at Betfred.

Danny: Welcome to Betfred Online Live Support. How may I help you?
Me: Hi there
Me: I occasionally get offered a bonus when I deposit
Me: and I always say no because I don't know what the wagering requirements are
Me: I looked on the website but can't find anything except that WR have to be met
Me: but not how much WR are and if there are restricted games or games that don't count - can you tell me?
Danny: I see you are a bronze level VIP the reload bonus you would get is the bronze reload 100% up to 100 the terms for tha bonus can be seen under the players clucb on the casino section
Danny: Please click
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Danny: For this particular bonus the wagering is 20 times the deposit amount plus bonus amount
Danny: •BJ Switch and BJ Surrender (All Types), Spin a Win and Craps are restricted for wagering
Me: that's ok I never play those anyhow
Danny: All other games are ok but have different percentages
Me: ok one more question
Danny: ok
Me: I'm a member at casinomeister and someone in the forum said that Canadian players have a higher WR
Me: is that so?
Me: Because I'm in Canada
Me: I seem to remember somebody said it's like 60x for Canadians
Danny: No, the terms state the following countries
Danny: •Players from the following countries have to fulfill wagering requirements of 60 times the deposit and bonus amount combined: Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Panama, Uruguay, Chile, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina and Russia. In the event of any disputes the decision of Betfred Casino management is final and binding in all cases.

Me: oh so Canadians aren't in there
Me: someone had their wires crossed I guess
Me: ok well next time I make a deposit and get offered a bonus I'll take it and see how I do
Danny: I believe canada was included in that list some time ago
Danny: Ok, great
Danny: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: nope that was it, thanks very much