Non-Bonus Complaint - Closed account and confiscated winnings of 2145 euros.


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Jan 11, 2016
Hi all.

Had used for the last couple of weeks. My username there is ''pieros''

I only used their sport-section, haven't played casino games.

Anw, deposited 200 euro, didn't take any bonus, verified my account a prior and started betting.

At 15/05 i asked for a withdrawal via skrill of 1000 euros (i always take screenshots of withdrawals requests just in case)betfinal1.jpg

Withdrawal never arrived (was told from support that was in process etc) and after a bad run i reversed the withdrawal.

So far nothing new, just a typical stalling bookie technique to delay payments etc.

During the weekend my balance increased to 2145 euros. Had asked for a withdrawal yesterday 22/05/2017 of 1000 euros again (don't have screenshot for this withdrawal as they meanwhile blocked access to my account).

Instead of my money, i received an email from stating that i violated their rules and that they had to closed my account and return the deposit! They haven't stated what rule i violated, just a general violation of rule statement which is unacceptable as i haven't violated anything. I haven't taken any bonuses, my account is verified, i am not an arber, in short they have absolutely no reason to close my account. Obviously i asked what reason i violated but got no response since yesterday.

Would be thankful if anyone knows what to do to receive my money. At the time i opened account with them there weren't any bad reviews, their representative was active at askgamblers but now i see another case with non payment in another forum.
What made you open an account with a casino with a worthless license in the first place?

You may have some luck by filing a complaint here at CM, but in future stick with accrediated casinos to avoid any issues: Accredited Casinos List
Thanks for your reply Nicola.

I am aware that Curacao license are worthless.

On the opposite, i lost 5098 euros from Smartlivegaming last year that was UK and MGA licensed.

Non-Bonus Complaint - Smart Live Casino don't pay me 5098 euros

Anw, i always read a lot before register in any bookmaker. About Betfinal, haven't seen any bad reviews at time opening the account, they have representative at askgablers, player reviews at wettforum were ok so i proceed with them. Wish accredited bookmaker list was as high number as accredited casino list.

I accepted the loss of 5k euros from smartlive but this time it is diferrent. Blocking access to my account stating that i violent their rules is simply non-sense. Obviously i asked them to be specific but i never got a response and i never will. I always play fair, they just don't want to pay.

Will fill a PAB tomorrow, hope CM are able to communicate with them as they no longer reply to my emails.

Edit: 2 minutes after my post received an email from Betfinal that they will forward my case to relevant department for more info. At least they are alive
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10 days after they locked my account and still no explanation was given. Obviously haven't got paid and my account still locked.

Have filled a PAB few days ago, hope admins can help me getting paid from them
Have filled a PAB few days ago, hope admins can help me getting paid from them

Hello, Max Drayman here. I handle the Complaints side of things at including the PABs.

I have received your PAB but I see that you have continued to post here since submitting that. I have to ask if you have you read the PAB FAQ?

The FAQ is necessary reading for all those who wish to use the PAB service. The FAQ tells you the scope of our service, what you can expect from us and -- also very important -- what we expect from you. If you don't understand and/or cooperate with the PAB process then your PAB will very likely fail. So please do read the FAQ asap.

I say this because you are already in violation of the FAQ guidelines. For details see FAQ section 3.12, item 2.

Once you've read the FAQ and understand the problem please contact me via PM -- or at
-- and let me know whether you will comply with the FAQ (and allow me to continue work on your PAB) or you will continue to post in which case you PAB will be closed and discarded.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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i have the same problem with Betfinal.

My account has been suspended and I am already waiting 3 months for a withdrawal.

3 times I was already informed it was paid. However, this never happened and in the chat and by email I was only informed that I have to wait for further instructions from the payment department.

I have already contacted the Curacao authority twice, but without success. No Answer.

I have over 3100 € on the account. My username there is *snip*

Can you help me with this as well?
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@ harti_91 : PAB received. Please ensure that you have read the PAB FAQ and are fully familiar with section 3.12 regarding your responsibilities. Our expectations there are clear and explicit; violations of those guidelines will delay, damage or even kill your PAB.
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i have the same problem with Betfinal.

I have already contacted the Curacao authority twice, but without success. No Answer.

I have over 3100 € on the account. My username there is *snip*

Can you help me with this as well?

You may as well speak to my cat. Cup-o-cocoa are worse than useless, it's essentially a criminal and rogue jurisdiction, so bad that even Dutch MP's have expressed concern in their parliament about it.
No answer from Harti also by PN.
I used a relaod bonus to the world cup and won about 4k. After finishing the rollover requirments I withdraw 50%,
continue betting and withdraw the rest 4 weeks later. I was really worried getting my money because of this post ( he left it in german forums also ). Finally everything went well and I would continue betting there. My bets was between 50 - 200 €.

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