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Jul 19, 2005
Right, I know they are new to the casino world but will you look at this jpeg and YOU tell ME what you think you have to do to withdraw the bonus please.


The Betfair has TWO game lounges. The "Main Lounge" is what we would normally find at an online casino. The "Zero Lounge" has a small selection of games with a net average payout of 100% exactly, thus a house edge of 0% in the long term (hence "Zero Lounge").

To obtain the bonus, players must wager their deposit 10x, after which they become eligible for the bonus to be credited. There may well be no further WR on this bonus, but there may be other terms.
Naturally, they are not going to award bonuses based on play in the Zero Lounge - that would be silly!

The Zero Lounge will still make money for them, as most players are expected to make mistakes in game strategy that will create a positive house edge.
I know what you are saying and understand the casino. What I wanted to know was how would you interpretate that email that was sent

I'm afraid the text is too small to read. I had to reply based on what I found out when I visited their site a while back.

I am not even sure what the software is, but if it works in a similar way to other UK Bookmakers that grant bonuses after a certain amount of wagering has been done then that bonus is immediately cashable as reward for the wagering.

Coral Casino works like this, and so does VC Bet (they stopped giving monthly matches though).

Littlewoods uses a Crypto download casino, but again awards an immediately cashable 25 after 625 has been wagered.

If the e-mail is confusing, it is probably because they are new in the casino business, and are unaware that most seasoned casinos set bonus traps for the unwary player, and the modern player will see an all too easy bonus as a trap rather than an enticement.

Firstly, I'm so sorry for my very delayed response - I haven't been checking CasinoMeister as often as I should have been during the festive season.

Betfair Casino is one of the merchants we represent on the Brand Conversions network.

Like vinylweatherman I can't read the details on the screenshot you've provided, however if you have concerns, please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to answer your queries.

Like Coral and VC, Betfair casino is powered by Chartwell, so bonuses on these systems are likely to be similar as vinylweatherman suggests.

Best regards
Ok and with respect to Catherine

Emailed her and she said she cant do anything and asked her contact at Betfair to be in touch.

Like I said to Catherine I hold no hope in them contacting me and they have not let me down.

Not good:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :sniper: :sniper: :sniper: :sniper:

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