Betfair users face fines of $10,000.


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May 7, 2004
Under new laws which came into effect yesterday, gamblers may face two years in jail or fines of up to $10,000 if they place wagers with a betting exchange.

Andrew Twaits is Betfair's director of corporate and business affairs and he described the new legislation as unconstitutional. Twaits also said that the new laws left Betfair "with no choice but to challenge the WA Government's attempts to restrict free trade between the states".

"The legislation effectively prevents Western Australian residents placing bets with Betfair, and prevents betting exchanges operating in Western Australia," Mr Twaits continued.

In an attempt to
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What crap!
They are worried about punters backing a horse to lose, isn't that what bookmakers do all the time when they accept a bet?
Probably the REAL reason is to protect bookmakers, who lose trade because the exchanges give fairer odds to the punter.

I hope they have a rapid prison building program, I can't see punters giving in that easily. How are they going to enforce it, betting exchanges offer a lot more than racing bets. Here in the UK, the racing industry's integrity was shattered by the use of inside information, and horse/jockey nobbling, but the money was made with traditional bookmakers by knowing a favourite would lose and backing a better priced nag that would most likely win.

My Uncle has been in Australia for years, and he tells me that the tales of Pokie machines in almost every public building were pretty much true, at least in the past. We have them here in the UK now, not as good, but offered through a loophole in our gaming laws. (They may well be banned in September when new rules come in - but that has more to do with the loophole also being a tax dodge rather than protecting the players:D )
bloody hell i nearly had a heart attack reading the thread title
i thought the sky was falling.
you could have put australian bfair customers.:eek:
2nd near cardiac arrest this am, i opened my front door and their was the biggest jehovahs witness in a zebra print smock, she scared the pish out of me
If this WA legislation stands, it will set a precedent for every other Australian state to introduce the same. Not just Tasmania & Victoria where Betfair have interests. I am not sure if I fancy Betfair's chances in challenging this law.

WA is taking a high moral ground : Mr Bowler argued that the West Australian horse racing industry was growing and and provides a livelihood not just for jockeys and breeders, but stablehands, strappers, and jockeys also. "Why should we gamble with their futures?" Bowler said.

This does not hold water to my mind, but it is just the start of the rhetoric we will hear when the appeal is heard.

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