Betfair for non uk players?


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Oct 16, 2008
Canada New Brunswick
Hello, I signed up on and got 10$ no deposit then after playing it out I wanted to deposit,but the cashier says deposits and withdrawals may only be done to and from a UK liscense wallet?????????? They let any player from any country almost sign up but only people living in the UK can deposit/withdrawal? it doesn't make any sense and there is no info about how to get the wallet or any other methods so why bother letting other people other than the UK sign up can someone help me here? Is there a way to deposit and withdrawal at if you are not from the UK ?

Im really not worried this is a rogue casino as they make so much money they can afford to offer zero commission baccarat,100% payout blackjack 100% payout jacks or better and a roulette wheel with NO ZERO!!! omg i wanna play here lol if they make that much money obviously they would send me a check but the problem is they are from the UK and im not sure if I could even get a check.


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Sep 25, 2008
I have not much experience about the "wallet" system betfair has, all I know is they either have a "UK" wallet and an "Australian" wallet, I think the best place to ask is in their forum. At Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) , make sure you are logged in first otherwise you won't be able to assign a username.

By the way I wouldn't get too excited of their 100% payout games, especially roulette, their min/max limits are laughable(see image), plus see this thread about betfair's blackjack streaky to say the least.

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