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Mar 22, 2003
I didn't know they are the re-incarnation of Netclub casino until now.
They still owe me $500 (for 15 months!!) :mad: and emails are never answered, and phone support is dumb. Anybody had success getting their money back from this joint?

Should I go to Montana directly?:mad:
I have had no problems with them. I think they are also under Play United as I have the same support and management people deal with me at BetNetClub, Slot Fever, Vegas Magic, Play United, and Vegas Frontier. Their websites are all similar, and offer the same player certification program and payments issued sometimes have the other casino name in the descriptor. Their CS is not dumb and I would just be calm and rational when dealing with them instead of getting hot headed and rude with them (not saying you were). most likely they will work something out. When I was playing RTG's it took about 4 days to get my cash outs from all of the above mentioned casinos including BetNetClub and they were not all small amounts either.
Ist time I withdrew - about 3 week.
2nd time about 10 days.
Lots of emails and faxes.

Last four times --- 3/4 days.
I played without a bonus those times.

They have very poor VP paytables.

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