WARNING Betboro is not paying players, ignores complaints


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
We've had several complaints against Betboro.com over the past few months and they all seem to follow the same no-pay pattern:
  • player wins and wants to withdraw.
  • player initially passes KYC, casino says so in email (or whatever).
  • there are delays, player asks "wtf?".
  • casinos indicates there is some problem and says they'll resolve it "within 30 days". eg:
    • "account blocked claiming 'serious repetitive activity'".
    • "casino replied promising a result in 30 days"
    • "they said account will remain blocked for the next 30 business days."
  • nothing further happens. casino ignores all communications from the player. eg:
    • " After 30 working days, no one answered me."
  • player comes to us, casino ignores us too.
WARNING: Betboro.com is not paying players and refuses to offer any explanation. Players are strongly advised to avoid this casino.
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