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Jan 20, 2004
Over the last few months we've seen a number of complaints regarding this casino, betbigdollar.com. All the issues relate to non-payment, particularly where the casino promises for weeks or months that either "payment is forthcoming" or "payment has been made" but the end result is the same: player receives no money.

Furthermore the casino ignores player complaints and makes no effort to discuss and resolve player issues.

WARNING: BetBigDollar is using a variety of slow-pay and no-pay tactics to effectively confiscate player money. Endless promises that payment will be "very soon" or "next week" result in nothing, players don't receive their withdrawals. Casino also makes claims that "money was sent" but offers no proof of payment and, needless to say, the payment never arrives. Players are advised to avoid this casino with extreme prejudice. In other words, find somewhere else to play.

BetBigDollar is a Rival casino operated by Genesys Technology N.V. under a Curacao 8048/JAZ license.

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I've recently worked with Genesys people on resolving a case at BetBigDollar and everything seems to have gone smoothly. Given this and the willingness of their people to work freely with us on player cases I am now marking this Warning as "Under Review". If no further issues arise in the next 90 days and/or all issues that do come up in that time are easily settled then the Warning will be withdrawn and archived.

- Max

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