Betandwin does not pay


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Sep 18, 2005
I played at Betandwin casino and 3 august I cashed in money 200 euros. They wanted my ID and I sent it to them and then I send an email to their swedish support team and they said that the financial team was working with my withdrawal.

Then in the end of august my withdrawal was cancelled. So I send an email to the swedish supportteam and i get the answer that they now have the ID copy and that I have to request a new withdrawal. Now it has gone over a week and still no money on my Neteller account.
What can I do about this? Anyone else had any problems with Betandwin?
At first instance I'd PM their representative on here (BAW).

If you click on 'Casino Operators' towards the top centre of the forum this will bring a list up where you will fiund them.
I'm also having problems with BetandWin - I've PM'ed their rep on here and have received no reply. I'm going to give him another 24h to respond before posting.


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