bet365poker can't withdraw by neteller


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Aug 5, 2003
i deposit 50$ by neteller at bet365poker and now when i try to cashin there is a message saying : "you can't used your deposit method for cashin .contact us for another method."
what's this ??????!!!!!! :confused:
It's the same thing if i try in their sportbook or casino,i can't used neteller for cashin.
(i send them an email ........)
if someone knows why ,
thanks for info
From my experience, in order to withdraw via Neteller from 365 you must go into your neteller account and hit transfer from merchant. There you will be required to give your user name at 365 and punch in the code bet34725. After this the withdraw is usually completed within 1-3 hours. I hope this works for you.

thank you very much!! it's ok now ,i don't know this system for cashin.(i just see your info in their help section)
thank you thesmacker :notworthy
No problem, the first time I withdrew there I had no clue what to do either. BTW hows the poker room there? Lots of players?

in fact their room is a prima skin and the casino a boss media,i find an advantage :you can transfert your deposit in the casino to get their bonus and after play with the bonus and retransfert your deposit in the room without problem. :thumbsup:

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