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Jul 11, 2003
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give credit for the good since I've also given my share of complaints.
I played at Bet365 last month, won a little and cashed in. It was a little hassle, 'cause to get my Neteller account credited back, I had to call BET365 and get their info to do a merchant transfer, once I did, it was credited within hours. Well, on my 2nd cash-in today, I wasn't even off the computer before the money was in my account! It took less than an hour! Don't you wish all online casinos paid this fast? I had to share, thanks for reading.
Bet365 was shortlisted as Best Casino 2022
Yep, it's true.
Just make sure you only make one deposit/withdraw every 28 days. Otherwise you will be charged for a fee. ($10-$15?)
Same story here, got my withdrawl in minutes once I figured out how you do it. But as hhc said, watch out for the multiple deposit tax! I think that is for deposits of less than a certain amount though ($300?).
Bet365 was shortlisted as Best Casino 2022

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