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Jul 20, 2015

My name is Leoe Kok Zi Kie,

My Bet365 username : 100kyear

I registered with Bet365 after getting feedbacks that it was a reputable site.

But to be safe. I wanted to do all accounts verification first before i make any deposits to ensure no problems would occur.

I sent them my National ID and utility bill which they requested. And was informed 2 days later my account was "verified".

I double checked with Live Support and they stated there was no problem.

I deposited and immediately my account was locked and was told to call Bet365.

I dialed them from overseas which was expensive and was told they need to do a call back verification. Bet365 said they would call me as soon as possible but i waited 3 days.

After i answered everything they asked on the phone. The adviser on the phone said that my account was fine and "verified " yet again and everything was in order and said that i deposit with confidence because i am all clear to do my withdrawal. Now this was the second time they told me my account was verified and urged me to make an deposit.

To be safe, i did not deposit but only proceed with my withdrawal. And it did arrived within 24 hour. And this was my deposit. I did not won anything.

Once my withdrawal went through. I re deposited and started to wager on a few Sports bet. I ended up with a profit of 30 Euros. As it was near bedtime for me. I proceed to cashout and clicked on my withdrawal.

But 3 hours later my withdrawal was been cancelled and the money disappeared from my Bet365 account. I contacted Live Support and i was told not to worry because my account was verified and i do not have to do anything but to just wait 24 hour for the money to arrive. But once 24 hour was up, the money never came. I was angry and contacted their Live Support again they told me i needed to sent them more IDs documents to proceed with my withdrawal . I was angry but i co operated and asked them what they needed in order to get things done.

They wanted a driving license which I sent it in immediately.
I waited for another 24 hour and still no news.

I contacted Bet365 again and they told me to send in ID again. I told them i already did, but Bet365 said i need to send in ID again. I asked them why my previous documents could not be accepted and they gave no reason. And after an hour on Live Chat. And me demanding an reply from the Supervisor. They apologized and asked me to take a picture of my passport and sent it in.

I took a picture of my passport and I sent it in immediately.

I waited another 24 hour and after sending in 3 IDs and one utility bill, i was wondering what other excuses are they going to come up with to not pay me back my money.

And this time Bet365 told me i look different on the passport and they refused to return my money.

I was so angry, i asked them if they were trying to randomly pick an excuse saying it was a different me on the passport photo.

They want me to send in another ID again. Seriously i told them how many IDs could a person have ?

I asked them if they are purposely trying to make things difficult for me and out to cheat my money?

I asked them what they want now ? But Live Chat support could not answer and after 30 minutes said their management would need a passport that has my picture.

God damn it how do you feel when you sent in your passport with your photo and the other party keep claiming its not you?

So i went down to my Migration Department and updated my photo ( required a change of the whole passport which cost money ) and sent in my passport with the updated photo.

And here is the latest reply from there live chat.

Richard Br has joined this chat.

You are now chatting with Richard Br.

Richard Br Hello, welcome to bet365 live chat. How may I help you? Please include your four-digit security number if you want to talk about something specific to your account.

Kok Zi Kie ****
Kok Zi Kie I just sent in my passport. Please review it and let me know if i can process my withdrawal

Richard Br Good morning Kok Zi Kie, One moment please whilst I review your account.

Kok Zi Kie I gone through the hassle of going to the immigration department to update my photo

Kok Zi Kie Every single thing Bet365 requested i fulfilled them now

Richard Br Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you as soon as possible.

Richard Br I can confirm that your account is currently under management review.

Kok Zi Kie So what is the answer ?

Richard Br Once your documents have been reviewed then you will be contacted.

Kok Zi Kie So what is going on here? I given everything requested and now Bet365 refused to answer me ?

Kok Zi Kie Instead of asking me for more IDs which i duly provided whatever requested

Richard Br I am sorry but I do not have any further information to provide you. Once the documents have been reviewed then we will contact you via email.

Kok Zi Kie Your team could review my documents in 10 minutes just hours ago and now they are speechless ?

Richard Br The documents are been reviewed at the moment by our verification team management and will contact you once this has been completed.

Kok Zi Kie There is no reason Bet365 why has a case in withholding my deposit.

Richard Br I am sorry I do not have any further information to provide to you as the documents are been reviewed.

Kok Zi Kie Bet365 lied to me more than 3 times my account was verified and i could proceed with withdrawal asking me to deposit with confidence

Kok Zi Kie Give me an explanation now or get your Supervisor here to explain to me

Kok Zi Kie You are now going to tell me i will be contacted without a time frame. Which could be months or years

Richard Br As advised the documents are under review and you will be contacted in due course.

Kok Zi Kie Whats the time frame ?

Richard Br This will be done as soon as possible.

Kok Zi Kie Yes when ? No time frame ?

Richard Br I can not provide a time frame as this is been dealt with by management.

Kok Zi Kie So if the management going to take years i would need to wait for years too ?

Kok Zi Kie Yes or No ?

Richard Br The review will be done as quickly as possible.

Kok Zi Kie Give a time frame. I gone through so much hassle. An answer by when is the least i expect

Richard Br Sorry Kok Zi Kie but I can not answer this question as this query is been dealt with by management. Once they have reviewed your documents then we can move forward with your account.

Kok Zi Kie You said they are reviewing them now. So whats the problem

Richard Br I do not have any further information I can provide to you.

Kok Zi Kie Is my document acceptable or not

Richard Br As advised the documents are been dealt with by management.

Richard Br Do you have any further questions regarding your account?

Richard Br Thank you for contacting bet365 Live Chat today.

Richard Br has now left this chat.

Richard quit the chat in less than 10 seconds without waiting for me to reply in his last sentence.


Now, how do i get my money back ? Bet365 assured me my account was verified at least 2 times and i was urged to make deposit as soon as possible.

But once i made an withdrawal, they would come up with all sort of excuses, reasons and faults.

I am tired of this issue and i would just want a simple request of them to return my deposit back to me. It was my own money.

After that i would close my account as i could no longer trust them.

Leoe Kok Zi Kie
Bet365 is Accredited here - so the procedure is...

First please send the casino representative a Private Message about your problem by following this link: Link Outdated / Removed

After giving them a reasonable amount of time, if they do not put things right to your satisfaction, you can Pitch-A-Bitch.
This is CasinoMeister's FREE service to help players with problems at non-rogue casinos.

To submit your PAB, click here: Pitch-A-Bitch
Be sure to read ALL the terms for submitting a PAB, including the Frequently Asked Questions here: PAB FAQs

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@ 100kyear - did you bother to read the forum rules concerning posting complaints? Ignoring our strict no tolerance policy is a good way to have both your account and complaint shit-canned. Please contact the rep now.
Victim of emblezzment by Bet365?

Really? :what: Upgrading this to closed - account permanently banned.

Please feel free to contact their licensing agency. Blatant ignorance of our posting rules is unacceptable here. Please feel free to post elsewhere.
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