Question Bet sizes


Ueber Meister
Jul 15, 2012
Hey Guys,

i always did 0.5 - 2 USD spins max in the past... On some point i won big and since then i was starting doing big bets (4-5 EUR mainly). Have you had similar experiences? How did you manage to go down to "lower" bets again after you were used to play bigger? I just had a really hard time starting to play "normal" again after a while with only big bets.

Would love your opinion / experience on this



Ueber Meister
May 13, 2014
Very rare I get to play anything above minimum bet or maybe bet level 2 / 2 coins if I'm lucky (small budget etc)

If and when I'm 'on a roll' and doing well I do increase, especially if there is wagering involved when playing with a bonus (which I also take a lot of due to budget again)

I have bet as high (and sit down, wait for it :p) £2.10 per spin, which may sound laughable but for a '0.30p man' is pretty high.

Trouble is I never seem to have any luck at all on higher bets so with that in mind I don't get to do that many or that often.

Most recent experience was a nice £1,500 hit on Rhino (bet 1.20) but I had over 4K to wager at the time.

Upped bet to £2.00 and was spinning at that size for about 2-3 hours, no miracles but loads of features and 'stay level' wins which cleared wagering, built balance slowly and I cashed out my highest ever £4,100 from a £150 starting balance.

The 'come down' from that was frustrating at first as I did not think of staying at that bet size after withdrawing and depositing fresh elsewhere, I simply returned to my usual one coin starting bet size.

Watching the wins drops thinking 'That was 5 x that amount last night' etc was a little annoying but I soon settled back to my usual pattern of play, guess it was down to being used to low rolling for so many years.


Dormant account
Dec 18, 2014
That is what I call the "winner blues" Hoff. :oops:

You just been on a roll, had some nice withdrawals and you feel invincible, betting higher and higher. Soon you realize you lost a big ton and start chasing those losses with even higher bets. Needless to say it will end 98/100 in utter disaster.

What i do after some big wins is transferring a part of the winnings, mostly 50%, sometimes more, to a saving account which i set up more than a decade ago for my retirement. It has heavy restrictions for withdrawals and if i do the interest for the running year is voided, hence in all this years i never touched a cent from it. Plan is to retire at 55 which is 7 years from now.

By doing that i have much less left in my e-wallets to blow back and i admit i do the odd high roller session on DOA but once i am down to the last few hundred i very soon settle back into my usual betting range, which is 0.90-3.00, sometimes 4.50. Keeps the budget in check and I never reload more to the ewallet until the next month's budget is due.

I play then cashback, race winnings, free battles, ask for comps or FS etc., can do that mostly for at least a week without depositing.

But I admit it is not always that easy to settle back to smaller bets. I am very often in pain when i sit there playing DOA at 0.09-0.18 (no offense to low rollers) :oops:


Get dunked, big buns!
Aug 29, 2012
I used to bet higher a few years ago when I thought I knew my tried and trusted slots well. This too happened when accumulating bigger bankrolls from initial small bets.

It has worked on a couple of occasions but on the whole it turns out the slots I thought were my friends were actually bastards :eek:

I had no problem going back down to small bets because that's how I started out. If on a good roll I may progressively up bets but it seems to go tits up round about the £1.60 - £2 mark anyway.

I generally look towards the higher variance games and like to grind the slots, I couldn't imagine doing a grand in £10 bets and then scarpering away. I did have a few cheeky £3.20 bets on DOA the other day though after a good start and I almost soiled myself.

Those five scatters didn't materialize, funnily enough :cool: