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Aug 23, 2005
I am not coming to report a specific problem as I have been paid by them. However, this process took nearly six weeks on a low four figure sum, with amazing waits between statuses and managers who were never there right then but would be "about this time tomorrow"

Slow pay is nothing new to betroyal but this seems to have gotten really bad. 2nd hand accounts on other message boards report big winners in the sports book getting paid in small irregular chunks and long slow pays 1-2 months for smaller winnings.

I am by no means an online casino expert, but it seems to me that longer and longer games with payment are a sign they are operating off the float and dont actually have all the money they are taking bets on. While this may be standard practice to some degree, the only other casino i could compare this with is cirrus, who has been not recomended and then recently rogued.

If you have an account with them, talk to live support and tell them you have a lot of money you want to gamble. You will be amazed at the size of the cashable 100% match deals that they offer, like 10k/10k. Who can give out a 10k cashable bonus? Not a lot of people. In reality it more seems that they need the cashflow for the next sixty days and can deal with you by then.I was even offered (weeks before my cashout arrived) that I could have the cashout in my neteller in minutes, if i would turn around and deposit a much bigger sum in combination with a large match bonus. This obviously points at just negative cashflow vs problems in their process or payouts.

With major slow pay issues, possible cashflow problems, begging for big deposits, and the verbal threats received recently by one user isn't this enough to take a look at a possible poor rating for the casino? SBR has them as a D- and to look for them folding.

I know stories about BR have been posted in the past, but it seems to me as an outside observer something is going wrong with them and accelerating rapidly now

While I was offered some very attractive offers from them, I am not going to consider them because to me it seems like they have a strong chance of reaching some kind of total breakdown.

I am sure there are thousands of bet royal increasingly bad slowpay stories users could offer to support all this.

I wouldn't suggest anyone else play here, at least currently.
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