Bet Royal and SBG Global steal over $200,000 from over 30 victims daily


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Oct 26, 2007
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Bet Royal and SBG Global (SBG owns Bet Royal and has moved all Bet Royal accounts fully into their systems) have confiscated the account balances of over 30 players for a total of over $200,000. New players are coming forward daily, so these totals may rise.

All of these players were Bet Royal customers from before SBG Global bought Bet Royal. The VP of marketing at Bet Royal marketing handled these players personally as part of an agreement between Bet Royal and, sebastian received a small referral and Darlene promised VIP treatment of sebastian's customers. Which Darlene gave us up until SBG Global bought Bet Royal.

SBG Global has made wild accusations against these players, first claiming that we were all "fronts" for sebastian and that we allowed sebastian to use our addresses, bank information and install telephones in our homes. Most of sebastian's customers are professionals so after many angry phone calls and emails, SBG Global management stopped saying this stupidity.

Then they switched their accusation to say we are a "syndicate". Our only connection is that some of us (not all) are customers of After many more angry phone calls and emails they stopped saying this nonsense too.

The latest thing that SBG Global management has said is that they do not "allow customers who are subscribers to handicap services". Yes, they really did say this.

Bottom line is they are mad that they lost. SBG Global management had made a boast to Darlene at bet royal marketing that "our linesmakers can beat the handicapper". Well they were wrong, they lost.

Some of the people who had their account balances stolen don't even follow Sebastian, they just knew Darlene.

This is a complete outrage.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

To learn more you can go to:
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Jun 30, 1998
Bet Royal has been in Casinomeister rogue section for some time now. These are operations coming out of sunny Costa Rica. :thumbsup:

What did you expect? I guess you can go report them to the Costa Rican gaming authorities. I'm sure they'll be of good use :rolleyes:

Bet Royal is located in cowboy town. They can do whatever they want. Sheesh! check out the blatant rip off of a Parker Brothers game that I am sure IGT and WagerWorks have exclusive right to:
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:lolup: Royalopoly!


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Oct 5, 2007
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I was kicked out of both Betroyal and SBG Global in a couple of years ago for winning. Betroyal let me back due to a bailout deal for a defunct sportsbook and I was again kicked out last year after they were acquired by SBG. Aside from cancelling some pending wagers after the games were completed when SBG booted me in 2006 I got my money after some hassle. These outfits are designed for squares who lose money, plain and simple.

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