Bet Royal and Prism casion (Virtual group)


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May 30, 2008
Melbourne Australia
I am not sure if this is the correct area to post but some information
RE prism and bet royal casino (virtual group).
They have been down (for me not sure about anybody else) for 24 hours
Tho I tried coolcat and that is still up. Could this be the start of
something happening at those 2 casinos.
(I only like playing the slots for fun mostly at these places and after
I won a smallish amount (300.00) and got paid after 3 weeks, I havent
been back to play for real.

Has anybody else heard anything.. If my information is incorrect forgive me
but both just seem to time out.



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Apr 10, 2007
somewhere... over the rainbow!
Even though you may only play there "for fun" .. .all the casino's you listed are Rogue. :eek:

If you play online... why not play where you will get paid IF you do play for real.:confused:
(consider yourself lucky that you got paid $300 from the one you did win at.) Had that been thousands you would be posting about how they ripped you off (we have all been there/done that)

Even if you only play for fun.. try choosing from this list

then if you want to play for real.. should you hit really good .. you will be paid.:thumbsup:

PS. It's not the "start" of something happening at those casinos.. They have been stealing from players for years!! they are the biggest ripoff around.. here at CM go do a "search" on "Cool cat casino" or " betroyale casino" and you will see pages and pages of players who never got paid!! consider yourself lucky to have found Casinomeister before winning a random jackpot!
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