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Dec 20, 2004
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I just posted this in a different thread, but I think it deserves its own. The Bonus T&C for this casino state:

sports/horse wagers, poker play and ALL other casino games are excluded

This is hilarious! I opened up a live chat with the casino to check this out, and here is the chat log:

One of our Member Services staff will be with you in a moment
You are now chatting with Suzette
Suzette: Thanks for contacting us at Bet Euro - How may I help you today?
ME: I don't have an account, but I was thinking about opening one and I had a question
ME: Under the terms and conditions of your bonus, it states:You must wager the total amount deposited (deposit + promotional bonus+ deposit fees) 15 times in the casino before cashing-in of the bonus will be allowed (sports/horse wagers, poker play and ALL other casino games are excluded).
ME: If sports wagers are excluded, and poker is excluded, and casino games are excluded, what else can you bet on?
ME: Hello?
ME: Hello?
Suzette: Please hold.
Suzette: This bonus is only for casino games.
ME: But it says that ALL casino games are excluded. Is that a mistake?
ME: I took the Terms and Conditions directly off of your website
Suzette: All games with the exception of Baccarat, Craps, Roulette counts towards the rollover.
Suzette: Please hold let me check the website.
ME: I'm afraid if I opened an account and wagered in the casino, any winnings would be denied because the terms and conditions on your website clearly state that ALL casino games are excluded
Suzette: Please hold one moment
ME: Thank you
ME: It can't take that long to check your own website can it?
ME: Hello?
Suzette: Ok we are having it checked by the Supervisor.
ME: Should I check back later?
Suzette: But as I mentioned above only BlackJack, Craps, Roulette are excluded from bonus.
ME: Ok, I will wait until you change the terms and conditions on your website before opening an account.
ME: Thank you.
Note the 2 lines I have bolded. She couldn't even keep her story straight as to which games are excluded!!! First time she says Bacarat, then the 2nd time she says Blackjack. Hilarious (or scary, depending on how you look at it)!! you think you might have a little problem trying to meet the wagering requirements for this bonus?
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that is scary..

It seems situations like this are the rule rather than the exception. Whenever I try to deal with customer service at online casinos I am always amazed at how little the people know about there own company. I have yet to find one casino that instills me with any trust. You get the impression that these are the shadiest of fly-by-night operations, which, when you think of all the money they are raking in, shouldn't be the case :(

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