Bet-At-Home is trying to make a fool out of me!


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Oct 14, 2012
On 10th October 2012 I played some bets on bet-at-home. All bets were 3-way bets and all were about qualification for World Cup in Brasil 2014. One of those bets was 'Bulgaria - Denmark'. At this time odds on bet-at-home were: 2,70 - 3,25 - 2,40
At 0:52am I played X @3,25 with a stake of 48€. The Game ended 1-1 and I was really happy about that, but then I logged into my bet-at-home Account and made a bad discovery.. Take a look at my betting history:

Single 13 10/10/12 01:12 69.52 0,00 [Incorrect]
Single 12 10/10/12 01:07 51.43 0,00 [Incorrect]
Single 11 10/10/12 01:01 36.19 0,00 [Incorrect]
Single 10 10/10/12 00:57 20.95 0,00 [Incorrect]
Single 9 10/10/12 00:52 45.71 45,71 [Odd 1.0]

I am talking about game No. 9. They rated this bet with 1,0 and behind that was an information "Falsche Paarung". It's german and I think it means "Wrong fixture".
I had never really to do with the bet-at-home support, but I heard often it was good, so I thought everything is going to be okay, they made a mistake and will be fixing it.

There were some messages I wrote with the support (I got all the messages, but they are in German) and the conclusion was, that it said "wrong fixture" because they thought it was U21 and so the odds were not right and so they had to void the bet.
But I can tell you for absolutely sure that this is not true. I am never playing U21. I had logged into bet-at-home, navigated to Football -> WC Qualification Europe and had played ALL bets there. There were about 24 games this day I think and Bulgaria - Denmark must have been the Fifth from above. There was also standing "Bulgaria . Denmark" and not "Bulgaria U21 - Denmark U21". I'm sure about these things, because I wrote everything down what I played this day.

But this is not the end. There was nothing wrong about the odds either. I can tell you, bet365 had at the same time these odds: 2,80 - 3,25 - 2,50. I played this game as a 2-Way bet, X at bet-at-home and 2 at pinnaclesports with @2,60. Pinnaclesports had also better odds with X, but for God's Sake, there was a bonus at bah I still had to play.
Next thing is, that bet-at-home did not even send me an e-mail where they showed me they cancelled a bet. If I had knewn this, I would have played the bet again somewhere else.

At first I did not even know when they cancelled the bet. About 24h after I played it, everything was allright in the account. I asked the bet-at-home support several times if they could tell me when the bet was voided. At first they ignored this question, in my last E-Mail I got from them, they said they cancelled the bet when they found out it was a mistake - again no date, no time. then I found out oddsoddsodds has some nice tools, where people can see odds of games, which are already over.
For this game, the last odds on 12-10-2012 19:46 (that means 14mins before beginning) for bet-at-home were:
2,80 - 3,25 - 2,35

So I know the support is telling me bullshit. They even changed the odds slightly, but only slightly. This means everything was fine. This story about U21 is absolutely crap.
Everything even looks like they voided the bet after the game was over. So they knew if it would be more lucrative to do nothing or to cancel the bet. In my eyes, they totally scammed me and maybe also some others - I don't know. Fact is, this behaviour is an absolute No-Go for a bookmaker.
I really can understand if sometimes bets are voided, due to wrong odds, wrong time, wrong pairing and so on, but this time, EVERYTHING was fine.

One more thing which is also negative: According to their statement, they realized the "mistake", cancelled the bets, but they only refunded 45,71€ onto my account, that means without the 5% tax. In the meantime they also transferred the other 2,29€ into my account, but only because I mailed them.

Update just right now: I got a mail from bet-at-home. They are telling me now that because of technical problems only on the german version of the site it was displayed as 'Bulgarien - Dänemark U21', everywhere else it was displayed right. By default my language settings are set to English and I never change this, so I have no idea if they are making this up or not. But despite that, it still doen't make sense. Before, they told me odds were not correct, so they had to cancel the bet. And now they cancelled it only because in the german version of the website there was displayed U21? But it was still in the right categorie? Still the same (right) odds like on the other language versions?
So this means as a user I have to check all language versions of the site before playing?! There are 21 of them! Are they crazy? A reliable bookmaker would not act like that.
I don't think many users use this bookie (odds are crap), but I still wanted to warn people. Thanks for reading!


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Jul 25, 2013
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i have a PAB about them too, should I file one?

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