BestDamnBingo....avoid like the plague


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Oct 22, 2007
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Relatively new site, but manager Lynn (Evilynne) used to be a CH/CM at A2ZBingo Network (BingoCard, BingoLOL, etc) and learned the same methods they use. She brought that to her site and the results for the player are just as disasterous.

Huge first time depositor bonus (upwards to 500%) but the playthru makes it nearly impossible to cashout for that very reason. Most of their special games are actually only played as a chat game....make a required deposit within a certain time frame (announced in chat), and you can get in on those special games with everyone else looking on in chat while those chat games play. However, even if you are lucky enough to win the chat game (for example Deal or No Deal), the payoff (upwards to $1000) is ALL in BB'S and not cash (even tho you DEPOSITED cash in order to play it), and now requires a playthru as well.

Your playthru is based on deposit + deposit bonus + CHAT BB's ... again, this all results in the chances of a withdrawal being non-existant because of the huge bb's that need to also meet playthru requirements.

You, for a short period of time at the site, were able to OPT OUT of getting a bonus of any kind in order to do away with the wager/playthru requirement, but that has changed again. Please read their rules carefully....once you do, you will realize that this site, like A2ZBingo, is nothing but a cashcow, with you being the cow to them.


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Sep 20, 2005
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Never heard of them. I have narrowed down my play to Bingogala the last few years. I have withdrawn from there with no problems in a timely manner.

Thanks, for the info tho!



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Sep 12, 2006
The bingoaffiliates have dropped for not paying their chat hosts. All players are directed to starsandstripes bingo with same pass, alias and balance. I can not access bdb at this point, so I do not know if they are still open or not. I receivd this in my email today.

Dear player,

Good afternoon,

It came to our attention at the end of February that many of the Chat Hosts working for BestDamnBingo were not paid in full. Because of this and other reasons we have decided to end our relationship with BestDamnBingo effective immediately. has been operating for over 10 years. During this time we have always looked after the people that are our face to the public (our chat hosts). Even though it is not our responsible to pay BestDamnBingo's debt, we have decided to absorb this cost and pay the chat hosts through their mismanagement of funds.


In short... It doesn't!

Effective immediately will take over the day to day operations. Your ACCOUNT ID'S AND ACCOUNT BALANCES will all be waiting for you the next time you log into All the games and many of the chat hosts will also be waiting for your the next time you log in.

We are disappointed that this decision had to be made, but thought it was necessary to ensure the high standards and integrity of and its Bingo Networks are not tarnished.

My email address is below if ANYONE would like to get in contact with me.

Thanks for your time!

[email protected]

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