Best way to withdraw - U.S. player


Dormant account
Hi everyone. I'm new to posting here. I have played the Microgaming casinos off and on for several years and used to have accounts with Neteller and Instadebit. When U.S. players were forced from those sites I would request either ACH or checks when I won. So far so good - but now I am trying to withdraw from Red Flush and they told me they don't send checks anymore to the U.S and I don't see ACH as an option. So...what is the easiest and friendliest webwallet to use for U.S. residents? Also, SWIFT was an option but have never heard of that before. Any help would be great...Thanks!


Dormant account
This is best suited to the "America the Beautiful" forum probably

SWIFT is an international wire transfer.

You might consider a quicktender account (although quicktender will charge you withdrawal fees to withdraw to a bank).