Best way to play Video Poker?


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Hi all,

I usually play single line. Do you think playing 4-10 lines is better?

Has anybody ever been dealt a Royal Flush in a multi-play Video Poker game??

Thanks for the input! :)



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casinomeister said:
Hi paulpop,

Personally, I like muti-line better than single line since I think single line is too boring. The odds are the same, but there are more chances for winning hands being dealt mainly because you are playing with more cards.

After years of playing, I have two RF playing multihand (but not dealt pat). My first was at 32red in October 2003,

the second at Crazyvegas

Thanks Bryan!

Wow, good stuff. I noticed your credits were getting low when you hit each one.

I actually hit one at RiverBelle about 8 days after hitting one at the Rio in Vegas. Both were Diamonds, but not progressive. They were also on Single line machines and were not dealt. :)

Good luck all!


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Yes, I have been dealt a royal on 4 line aces & faces at club dice. There's a screen shot of it in the Online Casinos forum, I think it was april of last year. It was on my last $5 and was in hearts. $4000 just like that!

Hit another 1 line the next day at the same place, cashed out $5k later that day.