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Oct 19, 2008
There seems to be a fair bit of discussion about low paying slots - 92% etc ---- but I cannot see anything about the best value online casino slots looking at rtp vs entertainment --- I see there are some 98% plus slots - but are they too boring or uninteresting to play ? What would you consider to be the most enjoyable slots to play with a high rtp ? Any over 97% ?

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Most people here already know I prefer to play low-variance games. I just can't face potentially playing 100's of spins to try to get a feature on a high variance slot, when it could still give a shite result!
Of course I want to win, but I also want something to happen i.e. not too hard to get the feature even if the win potential is only in the 100 - 200x max range.

These are some of my most played games from that category for the last couple of years:
Jack Hammer 2
Fin and the Swirly Spin (wins over100x are VERY rare, but the feature nearly always pays x50+)
Cloud Quest
The Invisible Man
(Base game is SHITE, but free-spins not too hard to hit)
Warlords: Crystals of Power
Big Bad Wolf
Esqueleto Explosivo (1)
Elements: The Awakening

I gotta be honest - I don't actually know what TRTP these slots are though :oops:

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Entertainment and 97%+ slots don't really go hand in hand. Realistically, the 'sweet spot' for slots always tended to hover around the 96 percent onwards mark, as many of the best games I remember would be in and around that. Often, 96.5 would be the benchmark.

Just that the variance was distributed more evenly and kept things ticking along, and the player engaged!

Of the 96+ variety, there are a few that I completely didn't Google but then remembered for their gameplay :p




Gonzo Quest Megaways (which in hindsight is actually a decent little game)


Invisible Man

Pink Elephants

& many more, I'm sure. I ain't about to list them all, as it's ultimately subjective, feels like homework, and most games have probably been pulled anyway :p

To me, an 'entertaining' slot should keep the player wanting to carry on playing because they're involved in the proceedings, with well-timed wins punctuating the lean spells, and bonuses not too infrequent, but just enough 'around the corner' to keep you plugging away. A random feature or two thrown in also helps, a la Thunderstruck II's Shitstorms and so forth.

Used to be that developers could cram all these features into a game whilst keeping RTP pretty high. There'd always be the games like 'Bloodsuckers' that were used purely for wagering purposes, boasting around 98% RTP or so, but no one played them for entertainment, as Pick-Me coffin bonuses weren't exactly the height of ecstasy.

But good luck trying to find a high-RTP entertaining game these days, as I don't think they're being made!
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Book of 99 can be surprising indeed.
Hit n run on marching Legion is always fun but dumping 700 bets to grind the last level (5) before bonus game is a bankroll killer 9 times out of 10 but still 98%
96% wazdan slots can deliver if in the mood
IMO 96% pragmatic slots are very frustrating especially if you bonus buy but... I hit more 5000x on these games than on PNG slots even if I played 100 times more on their dumb games all year in. 2022
Fruit party baby :)
And the good old stinking magician secret ( the secret is that he never washed himself in 5000 years)
I like dragon spark from Playtech but 96 means 47 with this honest provider
Yeah, high RTP's and entertainment don't always go hand in hand. Also, using the word entertainment i'm taking as 'biggish wins'

There's been a few releases in recent time running north of 98% and 1. They're usually dull and 2. I've yet to see many of them prop up the Winners thread. Players like playtime but they also like winning. -i'm not really sure a maths model like that can give the latter.

An obvious example is the Book of 99 that was released. I gave it a good hammering and ended up, maybe not as much, as down as having a go on a Reactoonz at 94% - aside from that, it was just pretty uninspiring to play. But i walked away thinking i'd been better taking a punt on a game that can give more than my max win of 150x in that time.
Had some fantastic hits on Book Of 99 0.50 stake (north of 800x) but it a very dull slot visually and can of course still knob you off with trash bonuses like any Book slot.

I have Bloodsuckers Megaways on the list to investigate as it's around 97.5% RTP at factory setting.

The "enhanced RTP" Pragmatics I can barely discern any difference between their 98% and default, Pragmatic remains a "challenging" provider, even on their lower capped games 2000x-3500x.

Agree with 'justdoit' regarding some of the Amatic titles.
Not a slot but if you like video poker, find a 9/6 jacks or better game which will give you value for money.
What does 9/6 means?
I never learned or enjoyed this game and I think I should since average rtp is quite high on the proper games of jack or better
blood suckers megaways 97% RTP on Virgin Game casino


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Playing your suggestion of bloodsuckers - but playing at about 60% rtp for me so far ! I hope that improves because I enjoy the game.
Regarding BS Megaways I did take the 97.7% RTP version for a low rolling test drive on $0.40 spins last night. The slot is very favourably reviewed and rated online, however I found it impossible to bonus. Even the 2 scatter tease is rare. Had a couple of semi-decent in-play "coffin" features but nothing great, and it drained $100 in next to no time, just like a vampire.

A lot of that RTP must be in the bonus, so achieving the stated return will require extended time and patience. I elected not to buy the bonus because I wanted to see how it played.
Bloodsuckers has been absolutely banned for me. I've lost about £500 on it ranging from 0.60-£1 stakes. Hardly a base game at all, had 2 bonuses in what must be around 700-900 spins. Ironically I got 4 scatters on 0.60 which would cost £ paid £12. And this was on the 97.7% RTP version no less.
Wondering what the heck RTP is? Find out here at Casinomeister.

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