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Feb 3, 2006
Hi I am a new user to forum and glad I found itm I have played the online slots for about 2 years with lots of ups and downs and have played almost every game out there over the years, I play daily 2-8 hours a day and enjoy it. Anyhow looking to move from my current site to a new one prefer micro gaming software, and i am looking for suggestions! Mostly slot playing and goos vip player comps would be nice, i currently have a complaint filed with eCogra on a site and am waiting to have this cleared up and then I will fill everybody in with the problem i am having with a on line site regarding payouts to my account from a major site, until this is settled i will not be disclosing anything else all that i can say is that i have been playing daily there for over a year and play between 2,000-10,000 daily in spin value and this site after a year is starting to mess with me. I think this will be great info for everyone after its settled. Looking for a good no fuss site what do you all think? Later
Any of Casinomeister's Accredited casinos are a safe bet. My personal favourites are 32 Red and Roxy Palace/Vegas Splendido. The Trident Lounge Group (King Neptune's and Trident Lounge) also won a Casinomeister Best of Award for 2005. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those.
I think three MG groups stand out:
-Roxy Palace

They have consistently received good reviews and practically no complaints here.

My personal favorite is 32Red, they are extremely trustworthy and friendly, but if you're looking for comps, you'd have to become a member of their club rouge first. Trident casinos have a really good reputation as well, as does Roxy Palace.

Check out Casinomeister's Casino of the Year winners. All of the casinos in the Meister's accredited list will be safe to play at, although not all are equally good as far as comps, customer service, bonus terms etc..

And please do report here after your problem is resolved. That sort of information is valuable, to both players and casinos.

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As faithful a customer as you claim to be to this casino in question, then I would have to assume that they would only want to get rid of you if you are costing them money. As a slots player myself, I hardly think that in the long run you could be kicking their ass. Seems like any casino would want to keep players like you if what you say is true. 2-8 hours every day on slots means cha-ching for the casino . Is there more to the story?
I have been playing there for over a year they have at least 10-15k of my money i recently have been winning some of it back but still down, anyhow my withdrawals are getting on the larger size but not to big and they dont like it, i will go into to details later after case is closed, but some of these casinos when you want your money back will make it is hard as possible to get your money out of them a larger cashouts , they hope you will give up after all the crap they put you through and hold your withdrawals hoping that you dont cooperate so they can put thee money back in your gambling account or hopefully you just go away and give up. Trust me be carefull and if you want your money back be willing to go through a lot of hoops. Yeah they send me comps via mail during holidays and such for sure they want my business so why am i being harrassed to make withdrawals after a year of play and its my money in the first place and i cant get it back from them, this is a real joke in the industry and i will disclose the casino and exact situation and copies of emails shortly if wanted. Good luck to everyone win some money! Thanks for input also guys later
I bet I know which casino/casino group it is. I'll check back when you post the details.
Personally, I have had very few problems with any casinos. And on the odd occasion there has been a problem, I am relentless.....I think half the time the casino in question would pay me just to go away, lol. Professional and business-like, but relentless.

Your story is bringing me a sense of deja vu....thinking of some other people I know who have had similar issues. Get treated like a queen/king at first, then once they figure they have you hooked, they move on to the next batch of new players.

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