best place and what stakes for fishies?


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Jun 25, 2006
where do you play and what stakes do you currently play to eat all the fish you can? :D

I'm trying bodog at the 100nl stake table
Damn Sharks ate all the fish already, But I hear there are good fishing spots at Party and Pacific. Your Mile May Vary. I'm going to Bodog to take all your money. :D
Personally I cant stand bodog. Only thing they are good for is sportsbook and racebook.

If you're looking for fishes go over to Pacific, they have the net's worst players. And when I say worst- I mean worst. Get ready to take some bad beats, but know in the end that you will beat them in the long run.
not sure about which site is best though party and poker stars are consistently looser than say ultimate bet.

Whenever there is a good promotion you see looser play going on - whichever site.

What I would say is that you will often find the loosest play in games like omaha high low and in stud high low - so these games are worth mastering and exploiting the fish
lol....I didn't enjoy bodog too much, i lost on 2 big hands when I had the better cards, a set on the flop, dude kept calling with ace high and hit 4 card flush, and than KK again'st AQ, q on flop, and A on river :mad:

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