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Best or Worst Bingo Site

Discussion in 'Bingo!' started by gjr1961, Jun 25, 2010.

    Jun 25, 2010
  1. gjr1961

    gjr1961 Dormant account

    I am pretty new here. There is probably a more appropriate place to ask a question but I didn't find one.

    My question: Is there a Casinomeister list of accredited bingo sites and/or a worst or rogue bingo sites?

    I have been putting together information on online bingo. I have seen more lists than I could count. It seems as though I can print one up and then the next list I see will be totally opposite. There will be award winning sites at one and then the very same bingo site will be blacklisted on a different site. I figure if I could find one here, it would help to clear some of the confusion.

    I will be grateful for any information.
  2. Aug 15, 2010
  3. shanefx

    shanefx Dormant account

    finding a good site for bingo

    hi i am also new here and wanted to play on bingo site but i am afraid that i risk my money in bad one...i find this gigglebingo and i made a search for it so far it is good i did not read any bad one for them i hope i made the godd decision to invest here try to find it also for yourself goodluck

  4. Aug 25, 2010
  5. steveh35

    steveh35 Meister Member

    A Good Bingo Site

    Bingo castle is not the most interesting or user friendly site but they give you £3 every Friday so far I haven't deposited once but i did get the £3 upto £96 on the slots once but its unreal they just give you £3 to play with not known any site that gives you money every week.

    No £3 isn't much but if you bored if you use it right can while a bit of time away now they just need to improve the bingo and make the slots interesting.

    Have been on a lot of bad site including one (House Of Bingo)where I won £110 on slots went to deposit to withdraw it it said if you deposit your winnings will be reduced to £25 so I went off in a huff for a while a few weeks later went back though right i will have £25 off them then so i deposited i think it was £10 and went to withdraw it said miminum withdraw £50 so i got it upto £50 went to withdraw and it said you havent done the playthrough eventually i just ended up losing it all.
  6. Aug 27, 2010
  7. steveh35

    steveh35 Meister Member

    Got £6 bonus this week a good site as i say need to improve their games
  8. Aug 28, 2010
  9. dynamitewoman

    dynamitewoman Dormant account


    From personal experience I can say that bingohouse is not a site that I was thrilled with either. A chat host told me there is no playthru, but their deposit bonuses are horrid, the rooms are overpopulated, the slots are sad and of course..as with all bingo sites, same winners prevail.
    I sure would like to find one bingo site that does not have the standard winners day after day, month after month! That seems to be a problem with every online site, and for some reason they all claim to have no control who wins each game. They all have that in common so there must be something in the software, game play, card distribution or management control that optionalizes particular features that creates a "same winner" format. Luck is not the only factor that selects a winner because luck is a fickle phenomenon that does not adhere itself to a few people like super glue month after month.
    For any site that expects me to beleive it is all luck with nothing else involved, forsaking the the"odds" and probabilities when year long "waves occur, they need to change the name of their site to BraindeadBingo. How anyone can sit and watch the same person(s) win over and over, day after day and keep depositing is beyond the realm of my imagination!~

    I am about done with online bingo.Same old, same old at every site. Big promises, fancy promos, complex rules and repeat winners is the standard operating procedure. Sites bragging fair and square rooms still have the same winners pretty much with a few fluke winners here and there. Have houseplayers disappeared? I think not! The masses of players have been deluded by the use of fake "commissions" and "monitors" that supposedly oversee the game play and integrity of sites. There is NO such animal! Some offshore companies may be bound to abide by a particular countries rules regarding gambling, but as far as guaranteeing a fair and and honest site, there is no across the board supervision or industry watchdog that checks to ensure standard fair play procedures are being applied and met.
    Review sites are not above a little palm greasing, affiliates are in it for the money only, and most people are not technically aware enough to detect digitally perpetrated fouls within a game operation. The real gamble you take when playing online bingo is whether the site is a real rip off or not.
  10. Oct 3, 2010
  11. angelic

    angelic Newbie member PABnoaccred

    Artist (struggling) lol
    Midlands, United Kingdom
    Online bingo

    I played with Bingo on the Box and would not recommend this site.
    I hate bingo and only signed up for the bonus and to play slots. I guess it is my own fault that I did not read the terms and conditions which are pretty vague anyway. Seems I cannot withdraw my winnings and have to wait 14 days from my initial deposit. Customer services wrote to me saying my money had been returned to my account, yet my account is empty. I'm told this will be restored tomorrow. This is really not good enough. They could not even assure me that I have fulfilled the bonus requirements, so despite making a cash deposit, I cannot access my money.
    Total thumbs down to Bingo on the House :-(

  12. Oct 5, 2010
  13. Rubydoo

    Rubydoo Dormant account

    East Midlands
    Party Bingo

    PARTY BINGO.......Beware of this site....it seems to be one of the rogues despite being advertised a lot on TV lately.

    Both myself and my daughter have opened accounts on this site and our initial deposits were taken from our bank accounts twice.

    We both contacted their customer services and payment processers (Pay-Pro), who were utterly unhelpful and refused point blank to refund the deposits that were taken from our accounts without our authorisation.

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