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Hey guys , Please can someone give me an advice on best Online Casino to play BlackJack ?

BET365 LIVEDEALERS are removing random cards , almost 15 cards before one shoe finishes . I don't like this idea, especially when im on a losing streak, this makes me very very angry i almost broke my computer today (I have anger problems,thanks)

Also BET365 blurr other peoples card, someone told me its because of card counters, But i need to look at all hands to know where to switch to whenever i am losing, How is card counting possible if they already removed so many random cards from the deck ? U feel me guy?
But i need a good Casino that will play nicely like in real life .

Or is all online Casino like this?
Please any other good sites? even if its 888.COM who knows if they dont remove cards, i mean i dont mind waiting weeks for money if i win , and i dont mind accepting if i lose on a fairgame .

Please advice guys.


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Hi Gambulo,

Bet365 use the Playtech live casino solution and it is a feature on the way that they shuffle and deal cards. When the shoe is first shuffled they turn the first card and then remove the next cards up to the number value of the first card. They also remove the first card of every new hand. I suspect that they do this to re-enforce that the shoe has not been tampered with. It will also have a minor effect on the playing odds but it's marginal.

There are a number of Live Casino providers such as Evolution Gaming, Ho Gaming, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, MediaLive, Visionary iGaming, Amaya Gaming etc who don't do this. But they all have slightly different variants of the game which can also have minor affects on the odds, such as the number of decks, whether you can double on certain hand values or any hand value, whether you can double after a split or take more than one card for split aces.

I personally like the Evolution live casino, which has one of the fewest playing restrictions around. You can find one at Redbet Casino which is one of the accredited casinos listed on this site.

Good Luck!


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It doesn't matter how many cards they burn . . .

I am the self-proclaimed "Blackjack Expert" in this forum.

There may be other members who have more experience in the game or the ability to employ a more powerful card counting system in a live B & M Casino game. If so however, they have not touted their abilities in this forum to my knowledge.

OK, enough bragging! :)

I fully appreciate and understand your preference of the "live" game offered in numerous online casinos over the computer game or "Cartoon Game" as another forum member calls it.

You made absolutely no statement regarding usage of a card counting system to potentially reduce the house edge or perhaps even gain a microscopic edge over the house. So I assume you just dislike their practice of burning so many cards unnecessarily. Again, I understand an appreciate your dislike of this practice. The "blurring of other player's hands" is truly laughable tactic for them to use.

It will not have any effect over your odds of winning--however--it truly seems to completely diminish the very reason some players would choose the "live" game over the "cartoon" game.

Knowing and using the proper Blackjack Basic strategy consistently is the ONLY thing that will decrease the edge the house edge in online play--whether live or "cartoon."

Playing perfect basic strategy consistently in a multiple deck game will result in a house edge of about one percent. The "Dealer Must Hit Soft 17" rule is the single most unfavorable rule variation providing the house with an additional edge of about .2%

Card counting in a live online game is a complete and senseless waste of time unless you are doing it in order to practice for the RIGHT game with favorable conditions in the right B & M casino.

They generally deal no more than 1/2 of an 8 deck shoe--and in most cases less. Worse yet they use the hated and despised "Continuous Shoe." It is impossible to gain any edge over the house in these conditions.

If you like playing the live online games, I would steer clear of the casino you mentioned in favor of another that deals at least 1/2 of the 8 deck shoe, burns only the very first card of the shoe as is customary, and allows you clearly see all cards dealt to all players.


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Thanks so much , That helped , I am not a professional blackjack player, i only started playing last month .


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