Best mistake i have ever made!!( apart from my kids ! )


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So i was baking a cake today and ............

Sorry ..wrong subject !!

So i was playing my fave slot today ..Magic Ian ( or is that tragic Ian ?) ..anyhows ,by mistake i changed my bet to what i thought was £2.50 ( wreckless i am!!! ) ..and to my dismay realised 3 spins in that it was actually £ 25.00 !!!!!! But ....oh yes HUGE but ..blow me over bonus dropped in :eek:.....Well i am shrieking now ..think it was a shriek cos i had stopped breathing by now ......and waited with baited breath to see what Ian was going to throw at me ..ropes ,i got ropes .....but after exhaling and spinning ..i walked away with a staggering £973.00 ! Best mistake i have ever made !!