Best Freebie Ever Offered.

Best freebie

Keeping this in the gambling vein:rolleyes: the best freebies are in Vegas! Free rooms, meals, show tickets, etc. etc. Also a good number in Biloxi. But I haven't received anything but bonuses online. If anyone has received anything else online, I sure would like to know how to get in on the fun! :D

Me being a small gambler, the best I have received was a $20 free bonus from a very decent guy called Darran...

The $30 free at CD Poker was the worst nightmare ever...

Pokertime hooked me up with $10 for free.. And I still play there from time to time... Honestly I would like to play at playtech poker but no poker room powered by Playtech has given me confidence to deposit.

Some years ago while working for a very respected Casino, the company gave a customer a free trip to Costa Rica, best hotels and nice treatment... the guy didn't wanted to come so the money was given to him in his account...

3 years ago I was witness of a Sportbook manager crediting $5000 for free to a customer... just imagine his life time loss.

At a landbased casino I once was given about $50 for a $200 (more less buyin) the best bonus ever. Just imagine how much I had lost there:eek2:
I've received a Partagas D1 (the biggest one) box with 20 cigars inside and a Remy Martin XO Excellence cognac bottle.
I have received the package by courrier the day after I won and asked to withdraw more than 12K on slots.
I was so impressed...that I've recredited 5K and spent them the same day.
I have no regrets, I felt like a VIP behind my computer screen, smoking nice cigars and drinking the finest cognac I've ever had in my life, but I was lucky my girlfriend stoped me before I've spent all my winnings that night because the cognac was making his effect on me and I was pushing the spin button faster that a rat addicted to cocane pushes the button which delivers him his drug.

Back in 1999 I think it was I got a trip to Hawaii from Carribean sun Casino. It was from comps. I claimed it, Booked it, and never went. At that time I didnt have a laptop, so how the hell was I going to gamble online while in hawaii :D
I received a $150 online gift card to from Jackpot Factory.
$50 from Intercasino to complete a survey today

I have an email account just for gambling matters. I received an email from Intercasino where I have an account. They asked me to complete a short survey and I would receive $50 into my account in the next 48 hours. The survey took less than 5 minutes and I don't doubt I will see the $$$. Hope it comes in by tonight so I will have something to play on before I make my match deposit on June 1st - tommorrow. So if you see something in your email from Intercasino, don't just delete it, it may be one of these surveys and you will get a free $50. They didn't say if there were any bonus restrictions on it, just that the $50 would be in my account. I would say this is a pretty good freebie as far as money goes.

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