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Aug 22, 2006
Pennsylvania, USA
I've just begun wagering online and have had some hit-and-miss with depositing funds (haven't tried any withdrawals yet). I deposited money from my checking account to BoDog quite easily, but struggled when trying to use eCheck for 32Red and Mummy's Gold casinos. Although my bank account is fine and there are plenty of funds, I keep getting an error message. All the bank account information is correct; I'm about to give up in frustration.

Which brings me to my question: which services are best, easiest and quickest for both depositing and withdrawing funds from most casinos and an American checking account?

I registered with Neteller, but after I verified my checking account with them, I discovered a substantial fee to deposit funds into my Neteller account. So I passed. Are there better alternatives that don't make you wait or jump through lots of hoops?

I havent tried Firepay but Hbears has been around so it may be good advice to check it out.
I do use Neteller but use the InstaCash option... all you hve to do is enter your neteller info..then the last 4 digits of cking account number and the amount is in the casino in seconds via debit. I have had no problems withdrawing via Neteller either but they are low amounts. Some casinos..very few..charge for the insta cash..up and up ones will pay it for u read each casinos rules carefully.
I use click2pay also..debits direct from my account to casino but it takes up to 6 days for the debit to clear in the Click2Pay account so if you win, then withdraw right away it goes quickly to your click2pay account but you have to wait until the INITIAL debit from your account clears their bank.. sigh..(thats good though..keeps me from re spending it)It's pretty much the same with Neteller.

Have fun ! (ps..the members here give good advice and the "good list" for casinos makes it easy on us newbies..good luck!)
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Though I'm not in the US (maybe more helpful to get advice from those in your region) I use Neteller and have ATM card, funds hit my account from most Microgaming casinos in under 24 hours and I've got the cash in hand an hour later.

I've used Click2Pay, and have just signed up with

You may like to peruse this thread Gooner gives a good overview on MoneyBookers :thumbsup:

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There are no Neteller fees for depositing from and withdrawing to your bank via normal EFT. There are no fees for depositing to and withdrawing from 99.5% of online casinos and poker rooms.

Do not use the instacash option, and you will never pay fees with Neteller.
I registered with Neteller, but after I verified my checking account with them, I discovered a substantial fee to deposit funds into my Neteller account
Do not use the instacash option, and you will never pay fees with Neteller.

If you go into the casino and enter your Neteller account and check instacash, it is FREE.

Firepay requires a fee also but small.

I always use the instacash feature IN THE CASINO software, never in Neteller for then you don't have to pay a fee. If you use the EFT or instacashe feature for transfer in Neteller, there is a fee.
Sadly, 32Red is in the minority of casinos who will not cover the InstaCash fee for you - but there are ways around this.

Be aware that some places have a wagering requirement if they pay the InstaCash fee, for example, Bet365.

Bet365 has a 10x wagering requirement on InstaCash deposits, but their full-pay Jacks or Better games (single and 4-hand) both count 100% towards your wagering requirement. This means that you have an excellent chance of completing the WR, and if you cash in your comp points at the end, you'll probably finish with a profit. Then you can withdraw, which normally takes between 15 minutes to a few hours. Once it hits your NETeller account, go ahead and deposit it into 32Red.

And that is how you make an InstaCash deposit into 32Red. :thumbsup:
Neteller is definitely the way to go. It's just so easy.
My first & last deposit into Neteller was 2002 - since then it's been self-funding!
True their withdrawal fees are a little steep when I'm used to the UK where the banks actually pay customers to have accounts with them (interest paid on current accounts - no banking fees at all), but it's worth it for the convenience & speed.
The biggest issue I seem to be dealing with right now is deposit restrictions. I am trying to raise my initial limit at BoDog for their ACH debiting ($500). I also opened an account with Firepay in order to stock my account at River Belle, but am forced to bet very modestly due the small stake ($400 initial limit through Firepay - and I didn't apply for the RB first-deposit bonus).

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