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Sep 13, 2004
I was thinking about Bethug who always posts a top ten list. I'd like a top ten list for high rollers. Here are some,

For Blackjack

5000 limit
32 Red
Intercasino and VIP have high limit single deck but I forget what the limit is.

Intercasino & VIP $500 straight up on a number
Most RTG $250 on a number

Does anyone take big craps action? MG $100 on the pass line? Please.

Video Poker
Intercasino & VIP win again with $5 coin 10-play
Most RTG have 100 line $1 coin but these guys give me a headache because they are constantly changing the pay schedules and most don't have double up.
In my opinion, the best casino for those limits is... NO online casino.

For that kind of action, you can go to Vegas for free, play in a closely regulated casino, get paid immediately in cash... and the view and waitress staff is a lot better than in your basement.

Well, better than in my basement anwyay. :)
Most land-based casinos have low limits as well - the only way to get those limits is to get access to a high-roller room.

But the view is definitely better :)
Personally am highly against playing huge bets online.There is no comparison betweem live and online and heck the view is some kind of entertainment :D
Anyone who risks 5k per bet online needs their head examined IMHO. That sort of action would get you 1st class flights to Vegas, the finest suite and most importantly a guaranteed 100% fair game.

As a side note I was playing Whill BJ on a public table only last week where someone next to me was betting between 500-1500 a hand. He was getting stung (busting on every stiff and dealer beating his 17s and 18s) and I must have won 3 out of every 4 hands getting 20s, 2BJs and 2 double down 21s. Hmmmmmmm
crazy but

Yep i thin its also crazy to bet above 500$ a bet online. However you asked which casinos have high limits. (yes i know some think its not fair, i think it is)


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