Best Casinos for Craps?


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Jun 23, 2005

I am wondering if any of you guys know any good casinos for craps.

I been looking around and been having trouble.

I am looking for some casinos that have 300 + max bet. But the trouble is all the ones I found with that high bet have for some stupid reason min bet of 0 dollars(don't know why....) that I hate since sometimes I click the roll dice to fast once after another and then all of sudden I win/lose but since I hit it to fast it just starts over since you do not even need money to put down to roll so then I am stuck their rolling trying to get the puck back to black so I can put some money down.

It does not happen that that often but sometimes when you been rolling for a while and nothing comes up you just get in the moment and keep on clicking and click.

Some casinos what have this is Swiss Casino, Acropolis Casino.

Then on the other had I found casinos that you need to put at least something down before you can roll the dice but the problem is that then only got $100 max bet.

Some casinos what have this is Vegas Palms Online Casino

So are their any casinos that have both of these options higher max but at the sametime you can't roll once you bet something down?

I only been only playing with practice money till I can find a casinos with this( please list as many as you know so I can try and choose the best one).

Or do these casinos I go to have lower Max bets for practice players or when you sign up a for a real account do these go up?

As you can see I have no clue since I never tried an online casino before.


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