Best blackjack onliine?


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May 24, 2004
Orange County, CA
Seems like many of the casinos i've tried - phoenician, casino fortune, a few others don't quite play fair. I know losing is part of the game, but when the dealer repeatedly pulls blackjacks and 21s out of his ass at the perfect time - I start to wonder. Anyone else have this experience? I understand it's bound to happen now and then, but repeatedly hitting 21 drawing 4, 5, even 6 cards? C' mon already!

Any suggestions for a FAIR game of bj online?
intercasino, omni,bodog, inetbetcasino, global player

All these casino , to me have a fair black jack game

phoenician has the new rtg software, i had up and down last week, but over all seem ok to me.

forgot stanley casino, the black is just slow.

I would not play at any playtec casinos, unless they given free money away
RTG and Crypto BJ is very fair in my opinion. Phoenician uses RTG software so you were a little unlucky. Casino fortune uses Playtech software which is rigged so don't play their BJ. Casino-on-net's random logic software is fair i think so try them. Try Intercasino which uses cryptologic software.

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