Best Basic Inexpensive Casino Script


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I have been looking around the forums trying to find an answer to my question but can not seem to find anything.

I wanted to know if someone knew of a casino script/code that had a few casino games like roulette,craps, and blackjack that I could buy. The script does not need to have the ability to deposit real money or anything super fancy. Simply I want people to be able to play for points etc.

If you could point me in the right direction I would love you forever. :)


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If you're thinking of using it for a forum, etc. PhPBB has one that can be added on.


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Thanks for the idea, I will check into that. However, if I am looking for more of a flash or php script is there something someone might recommend?


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I started writing a video poker game in flash last week. Video poker is kind of a pain. Maybe I'll do something easy like roulette next time.


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Sourceforge seems to have some good software, although none of it has been worked on in a while.

Anyone know of some scripts?