Best accidental bet in your favour

Adam Randall

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Aug 30, 2017
I have often wondered how often people have mistakenly pressed the wrong buttons and ended up betting and winning much more than they expected to.

I thought if it ever actually happens to me then I will write a post and ask the question here.

I am not going to name either the game or the casino because I do not trust them and would not put it past them to reverse the winning based on my intention - funny how I suspect you would not get far if you contacted them about a high bet, you would be laughed at.

Anyway my big danger is the stupid coin selection on some game types. So I think the casinos actively attempt to make it difficult to work out what amount you are betting.

I had one just before that said 80 on the amount I was betting & I thought I was betting 80 cents when all of a sudden 4 horses came up giving me free spins with multipliers - so I ended up with 20 spins at 11x multiplier.

It is doing its thing and I am having a reasonable time of it, nothing out of this world when I notice that under the win amount is $450 which was very odd because the wins certainly were not high enough to warrant that number.

Took it that I had just somehow mis read it and will see what happens when the game finishes, I then notice the bet amount is $9

Happy days, end up with around $500.

Have others had similar experiences and what was the result of the mr mgoo moment?


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Jan 8, 2014
glasgow scotland
Never actually had a winning spin on accidental high bet tho i know others on here have had good wins.

Always try to watch what i am betting. Learnt my lesson many years back on Cryptologic games i think. Used to spin at 30p or whatever. Re deposit and hit spin forgetting the damn games would not be on last spin amount and would spin at highest they could from your balance. Made that mistake a few times.

Only time i ever won quite big of a mistake was on sports. Pissing about on mobile trying to get an in play bet on goals in certain matches and kept not letting bet on. In end instead of a fiver bet the bet went through as £50.

Was pissed of and was like i'm a stupid fool. Anyway the bet won so got about £800 back instead of £80.


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Oct 22, 2013
Super Safari by NextGen at the old jackpot party site I think (loved that site).

Got my coin values confused and default bet size was set to £25 for some inexplicable reason. Three spins later I hit the three lions for the free spins bonus and got around 4.8K.

Alas this story has no happy ending. Using my newly acquired elite slot playing skills I proceeded to lose around 4.9K over the next few hours playing high stakes. Those memories don't fade quite as easily.

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a few weeks ago I was playing at Betspin and I was loading Book of Dead just when I loaded the game and wanted to set the bet my brother called ,he was working,he is a truckdriver,I took the call and started talking and tried to pay attention to the bet ,after a couple of spins and a few seconds of talking with my brother I saw that I set the bet at 10 euro per bet by mistake because I was diversed by his call,I was in time because it was only a few spins and just when my hand went to my mouse to change the bet I got 5 Pharaos with 1 book,that is 2000 euros ,in 1 strike.We both laughed because I wanted to set the bet at 1 euro in the first place,this is a true story


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Remember spinning an accidental 125 euro bet on bloodsuckers at Casuno once. Needless to say it lost. That was a good one
more often I am concentrated with playing and I realise after a while that I have the bet wrong it does not happen a lot but it has happened to me,I confess

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Remember spinning an accidental 125 euro bet on bloodsuckers at Casuno once. Needless to say it lost. That was a good one
I guess You think that I am naive,I hope that You win the or a jackpot playing at a Casino,make no mistake


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Nov 24, 2017
This one isnt as accidentally impressive as some others here.. but i was just playing 20 free spins i had on book of dead on videoslots, and once they had done, I
said to myself , ill just spin down to the £15 i had left in my balance, so about 6 spins. (im a 10p player) - as i hit the spin button i was looking over at my balance
as i was only doing a few spins and was watching to get down to that £15.. but i noticed my balance dropped by £2! (i think default bet on there is £2), i
immediately mumbled something like argggg no! and then it dropped 4 kings in , and i was hmm thats normally only 40p... oh wait my bet was £2... noticed my
balance go up £8!

So for a low roller like me, that was a nice accident! :D


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Jan 12, 2018
A while back I was trying to wager through and it was a grind but I had managed to get a balance of around £200(50p max bet on £20 deposit)with about 50% complete.Trouble is I had played all my favourites and felt they had nothing left to give so I looked for something new.I came across an Italian(I think it was)themed game something like viva belle. On loading it I didn't like the look of it much so decided to give it a try on minimum bet(25p)to see how it went.The writing on the screen was tiny(on mobile)and I didn't have my glasses on.First spin I get 2 scatters pays £7.50.Thats good I thought sure to get plenty of 2 scatters good for wagering.Pressed start and the alarm bells rang that can't be right.Glasses on check bet.Coincidentally the max bet is £6.25(strange amount)and that's what I was on.Before I had time to curse in drop 4 scatters(paid £125) and 15 spins.My heart was racing a bit could have been massive.Alas not to be paid £90 but £215 total was not a bad mistake.Strangely enough I have never played it or even looked for it since.


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Sep 20, 2016
new zealand
In december I got a new missus that was intrigued with my online gambling but she then started advising me on this and that,which started pissing me off especially if I was losing.
Anyway she asked if she could play a game of her choice and picked pimped which i hate,handed her the phone while it was loading and lit a cigarette. Must have been only the first or second spin and she spouts "oh I got free Spins"....i replied with "so what ,it pays shit anyway "so I carried on smoking outside.
She pipes up and says "so is $5200 shit darling ",I didn't believe her so grabbed the phone and couldn't work out why such a balance,got my glasses and sure enough $5200 win ,but discovered $30 bet per spin. .. . . My biggest win and it wasn't my doing, I still berate her for not checking bet sizes before she spins lol