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Feb 28, 2004
Anyone receive the new year extra bonuses from these guys?

Well I did :)
Dear mug punter,

We hope that 2006 has been treating you well so far!

Start off your year with entertainment and fun with
this choice of 2 special New Year Bonuses.

If you haven’t taken up these bonuses, you still
have 2 weeks to do so.

PLUS you get a special wager promotion to win a share
of 4000 credits at the end of the month.

New Year Bonus 1 : Buy 50 Get 100
1. Deposit 50 credits or more in your casino account
using a credit card or debit card of your choice
between Thursday, January 5th 2006 5pm(EST) and
Tuesday, January 31st 2006 5pm (EST).

2. Once your deposit reflects in your casino account,
claim your bonus of 100 credits here:

3. Promotional reference number: 8036

:: OR ::

New Year Bonus 2 : Buy 50 Get 120
1. Deposit 50 credits or more in your casino account
using an ADM or webwallet (non credit card and non
debit card) of your choice between Thursday, January
5th 2006 5pm(EST) and Tuesday, January 31st 2006 5pm

2. Once your deposit reflects in your casino account,
claim your bonus of 120 credits here:

3. Promotional reference number: 8037

We highly recommend the following web wallets:
Echeck Click2Pay PaySpark NETeller
FirePay Instadebit

Haven’t yet signed up a webwallet or need more
information? Visit:

You can claim your New Year Bonus 1 or 2 on any of
your Belle Rock Entertainment real accounts.

New Year Wager Bonus 3000
Robert, by simply playing your purchase and bonus
credits, you stand the chance to qualify to win a
lovely 3000 credits to start your year off in style.

1. Click here to enter:
1. Wager 500 credits for an entry into the lucky draw
3. Every extra 500 credits wagered get you another
entry into the lucky draw.
3. Winner will be announced on 30th January 2006
4. Promotional Reference Number: 8038

Robert, the more you play the more chances you have
of winning with these New Year Bonuses. We hope to see
you take up your bonus in your favorite casino soon.

Best wishes,

First Mate
River Belle Online Casino
River Belle
part of Belle Rock Entertainment
Enjoy Southern Hospitality

24/7 toll-free support:
USA: 1 800 890 3304
CANADA: 1 800 768 1946
UK: 0 800 085 8771

OTHER: +44 800 917 8547
(International Call Rates Apply)

E-mail support:
You have requested to receive promotional
correspondence from River Belle online casino, part of
Belle Rock Entertainment.

To manage your subscription status, please visit:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

For your reference, this email was sent to:

Sender address: Carmen Media Group Ltd.
651 Europort, Gibraltar, Europe

* Terms and Conditions *

* These offers are ONLY valid during the stated
promotional period.

* Only ONE offer is applicable per player.

* This offer excludes play at Belle Rock
Entertainment’s Poker Rooms and Multi-Player Casinos.

* A maximum bonus of 100 casino credits is applicable
if New Year Bonus 1 is selected.

* A maximum bonus of 120 casino credits is applicable
if New Year Bonus 2 is selected.

* To claim New Year Bonus 1, a minimum deposit of 50 is
required, using a credit or debit card.

* To claim New Year Bonus 2, a minimum deposit of 50
is applicable, using any non-credit card or non-debit
card deposit option.

* Your bonus will only be applied once the required
deposit reflects in your casino account.

* All claims must be submitted within the promotional

* This offer may be claimed only once. Only one bonus
may be given.

* If you have chosen New Year Bonus 1 - In the interest
of fair Internet Gaming, the bonus and deposit amount
must be wagered FIFTEEN times before any withdrawal
will be processed.

* If you have chosen New Year Bonus 2 - In the interest
of fair Internet Gaming, the bonus and deposit amount
must be wagered FIFTEEN times before any withdrawal
will be processed.

* This offer excludes wagers placed on Craps, Baccarat,
Roulette, Progressive Roulette, Sicbo, Keno, Jacks or
Better Power Poker and Jacks or Better Video Poker
and 10 play Jacks or Better Power Poker Jacks or
Better 50 Play Power Poker, Jacks or Better 100 Play
Power Poker and all forms of Blackjack.

* The decision of the Casino Manager is final and no
correspondence will be entered into.

* Acceptance of these terms and conditions is indicated
when you claim this promotion.
Errors and Omissions Excepted [/QUOTE]

Happy new year to me I thought:thumbsup:

So of I go make a qualifying deposit and submit my claim and so the wait begins.............after several hours of silence I start to wonder when the bonus will be credited.
So I email them,ask live chat who then says your bonus has been denied, reason i'm not on the list:what:

They ask me to forward the promotion email, which I have.

Presently unable to login to the casino (think they may of locked me out) :rolleyes:

Moral of the story ,dont accept new year greetings from characters of unknown moral fibre.
got the email too, apparently I am not on the list too! Forwarded their own email (I somtimes wonder why can't they keep a copy of all emails sent) and just hoping now!
I actually did this last night and the bonus was in my account within 2 hours. I called customer support prior to my depositing because I've had issues in the past with BelleRock for taking a long time depositing the bonus or saying I was denied when I had the email in front of me.

Very quick and smooth last night..:)
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Another Screwup

I didn't get this, but I have been a victim of this game of "not on the list". I suggested that they had been therefore hacked and my personal details had been compromised, and that is sure looked a genuine mailer. They immediately asked me to send in the mailer, and then confirmed it was them that sent it; nevertheless, I never got the promotion despite this.
They do have a rep here, so worth trying that - bypasses the layer of incompetence that still seems evident in their CS.
bellerock offer

I also got this and deposited. Still waiting after 24 hours...
The claim-bonus pages must be genuine because they respong normally to the offer and from the official servers.
I have used so far only the sign-in bonuses of some of the casinos of this group.
This is my first time to follow another than the sign-in promo email if this group, so if the bonus is not granted, I will just play without the bonus or better withdraw directly and afterwards I will uninstall all their casinos and remove myself from any mailing list of them.
I dont want to receive offers that are not valid. Its seems to me not reliable at all generally and a good reason to avoid any casino with similar marketing problems.
But lets wait first to see what happens, perhaps they delay normally...
Bellerock group did this to me once. I was playing at The Gaming Club almost exclusivly.

Oh well. Been playing at Roxy Palace since.
Hi All,

Unfortunately we mistakenly mailed the offer to a group of players not on the offer list. As a result the system would reject these claims and the CSC agents would not find your names on the list. We will however honor the claim of anybody who received the email, and those who have contacted support should have this resolved shortly.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

Belle Rock
Thanks to casinomeister for giving me and others the opportunity to post this problem here:thumbsup:

Also thanks to Bellrock who have honored the promotion which was mailed to me and other players in error:thumbsup:

Maybe Bellrock could send me a similar tasty promotion :)
Had an issue with a bonus from this group in the past, it was a 'deposit and meet wagering requirements (lose your money) now, pray that we give you the bonus later' kinda thing.

I lost 200 GBP qualifying for the 200 bonus match email offer, and conveniently I didn't get the bonus.

However by pm'ing a rep on this board and waiting a few weeks, I eventually was given the bonus. So I did appreciate that.
While i believe the CS at Belle Rock sometimes leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, in contrast, the rep on here is in a league of his own.

He replies normally within 24 hours. If hes not available for vacation etc he posts on here and more importantly, hes honest and not afraid to say the screwed up:thumbsup:

I'll second that call :thumbsup:

He's definately an asset to Belle Rock Entertainment Group, I just hope they realise this. Without his help I'd be bald by now!
I had a problem at Lucky Nugget,sent 3-4 emails to the casino support but never received a reply:mad: , I contacted bellerock and within 24 hours he resolved the issue.
Thanks bellerock!!!:notworthy
It does say something when a casino rep shows up to reply to the members and makes an attempt to resolve the problem .
Thought payouts would be quicker,still waiting for my withdrawal to hit my neteller account 5 days since requesting.
Not long I know compared to some less thought of establishments, but the website does say this
The fastest withdrawal option!
Hassle-free deposits
Access to your money via an ATM card!
Withdrawal limit: Unlimited, 2,500 per transaction.

Click here for more information.

Your withdrawal will be processed within 0 - 24 hours of it clearing in our database. With the NETeller ATM Card, you can make withdrawals at ATMs worldwide and make point-of-sale purchases at merchants supporting the Cirrus network.
Somehow i'm not convinced.
They did give the bonus, even though i wasn't on the list, but got the email! Took a bit long till they did it, but they claimed they are relocating
terrible experience at belle rock entertainment

Well my experience with this casino has been extremely frustrating. I won a large amount of money on the 18th of jan. and as of today still haven't gotten confirmation that my money has been sent. They recently moved and all this, it takes 24 to 48 hours to review documents has been much longer. In the beginning i was being told that the check had been sent and i didn't need to provide any documents, by the 28th when the check still wasn't here i called yet again and this time was told that they were waiting for me to send them my documents as my withdrawl was 10k and they require documents on everything over that amount so i sent them they said 24 to 48 hours. i'm at more tha 96 hours and still no confirmation that documents have even been reviewed. I am brand new to this online gambling and this was the first casino that i had gone to and deposited money in. I had deposited 50.00 one day and the next i ahd deposited 75 and just started racking up the credits. I was so excited and expected to get a check after speaking to somone at the casino that i would have a check within 7 to 10 days. All of the conversations and e-mails have apologized for this inconvenience, but i'm still starting to think that i have been scammed out of my money.
Hi Beaniefanatic13,

Welcome to the forum, and I'm sorry you're having difficulties with Bellerock support. I've PMd their rep here to make sure they take care of this el pronto.

It's not a good thing when a newbie player has the impression that she's been scammed by one of the most solid casinos out there.
Thank you Casinomeister

Thank you so much for your assistance. The casion rep has contacted me and is looking into my situation ASAP. I wish that I had found your site ahead of time as I could of probably save my self alot of grief. I'm glad you have this site set up I have spent hours looking thru the site finding places to go that are legite and making notes. Again thank you for such an imformative site.:notworthy :lolup:
Still having problem with river belle

Although I had contacted their support several times and their representative here through pm, a week passed without the bonus, so I decided to withdraw.
Another week passed and the money was returned to my balance because I had chosen a different method to withdraw than the one I deposit. Thats my mistake. So I withdraw again using the same method of depositing as advised.
Now I checked today (after a week again) and the money is again back to my riverbelle account!
I cant understand why! Havent received any email about that.
I withdraw again today and we will see what happens...

In the meantime they gave me a 5$ bonus which I didn't ask and that was supposed to be removed automatically on Feb 5. It hasn't been removed and thats not a surprise to me. Now I sent them again an email asking to remove that bonus and procceed with my withdraw.
Since I am not planning to play in the near future to their casino (just because of that support, no other complaints), why they dont give me back my money?
I will let u know what will happen.
If I never deal with them again its too soon

I have been jerked around every time I have dealt with these guys, they tell me that the e-mail promo doesnt say what it says, which is Your bonus will only be applied once the required
deposit reflects in your casino account.
Now they say it is 24 hours before the bonus will be credited, nowhere does it say that in their promo. I wouldnt have deposited if that was the case. When you call support all you want is a solution, I was told they had received the qualifying deposit and that I needed to re submit my claim which I did 3 times, now then of course I still havent received the bonus as it takes 24 hours, as they claim it states in their promo e-mail. I am not a complainer and I am sure I will receive the credit but I find it hard to believe they couldnt simply credit my account when they acknowledged I had met the requirements. I for one dont need this kind of petty stuff
Thanks gibby761
I would love to complain about Belle Rock Support.........


Never in my time online have I encountered Player Support this bad.

Why should a player have to come to a Forum and post, and then have to contact someone else in the background to get something simple resolved.

Shame - everything else about the group is great.
The host that you can PM here is great. I had a poker problem with a $1,500 bonus and it was in my account when i woke up.

Gaming Club good.

ps $1,500 is a lot for me so maybe i did not sleep, but tossed and turned.
my case was resolved

nektar4d said:
Although I had contacted their support several times and their representative here through pm, a week passed without the bonus, so I decided to withdraw.
... ... ...
I withdraw again today and we will see what happens...

Just to let u know, riverbelle finally returned the money.
:thumbsup: to their rep here. He responded efficiently and his presence here is a big advantage for players.

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