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Dec 7, 2004
just a curious question... around september or october of last year micogaming was having a problem with thunderstruck. several of the players here that knew the game realized that it wasnt playing the way it did. for example, 500+ spins, without the bonus etc. i swore off the game because they knew it wasn't right and they did nothing to stop players from playing and when they finally went back to the old game everyone was happy. ok enough.. i was just wondering, how have you done in the last few months playing this game....thanks for the response.....
Ah remember the event well :)

Have to say that its not been goofd to me recently. But I'm sure its just coincidence though its losing its shine a little now. Aside from one lucky spin at Roxy posted in the WS thread.
Thunderstruck has always been fairly crap for me. I've only ever had one decent feature win, and that sure does not make up for all the losses :( .
I prefer Tomb Raider - but that can be streaky & crap too. :(

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