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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
a i have led several attacks on the bellerock support in the complaints section, i feel i should post this i here to redress the balance as i have had to positive experiences with their CS this week.

the first was earlier this week in regards to there loot pursuit promo, which wasn't credited, i phoned up and my query was quickly answered without any flannel, first of all i was told there was delay in the processing of the bonuses but they would be credited soon. this was good enough for me,as i appreciate a casino admitting that the problem is at their end. without me asking, the CS rep then told me "i can confirm that you have met the conditions for the bonus and will definitly be having it credited" i thought this was good aswell as whenever there is a delay in crediting a bonus, you do have in the back of your mind "am i going to have to chase this up?".

the next day the bonus was there.

the next problem i had, was one of my own doing, basically i think i have some kind of virus infection which has been interfering with me using download MG casinos. well i had been sent 2 offers from two bellerock casinos i had not played in a long while and i had consequently had uninstalled, however i couldnt get them to download again. as the time of my bonus was fast expiring i phoned up BR CS and explained the problem and the CS rep understood without any kind of confusion of what i was telling him, he said he would put a note on my account and for me to keep trying.

this i thought was the was correct response

as he neither said, tough luck, rules are rules and neither did he promise me something he was not allowed to authorise.

in the end i gave up with the download, but deposited through the flash version,but i missed the promo deadline by a matter of 5 mins. i then emailed CS to give them an explanation of the matter and told them that i did contact CS before the promo ran out to let them know i had a problem, i asked them if they could show some flexability as i had only missed the promo dealine by a matter of minutes. i have checked my accounts today and have found that both bonuses are in.

so i will give credit where it is due, as not only was the CS on the ball, they provided a standard of care and flexability that many of the accredited casinos on here wouldnt have provided.

well done BR! :thumbsup:
jon593 said:
which casinos are you having trouble downloading? i have not been able to dl riverbelle or jackpot city

sorry to highjack a thread

jackpot city & lucky nugget i'm having trouble downloading, as the download freezes on completion

riverbelle i already have installed as thats the one i normally play at, i dont have accounts at the others.

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