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Sep 1, 2006
The Ghetto
On August 29 I downloaded, set up an account, and deposited at
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. I received the deposit bonus and did very well. I cashed out for over 1000. After waiting for my cashout for over a week I messaged the Belle Rock rep here on Casinomeister. At first I was told that the rep would look into it. A week goes by with no answer so I email him again. He then tells me that my account is "linked" to several other accounts and that he was waiting on more information. I waited a few days and after pressing him again he tells me the same thing about being linked to other accounts and that my account is closed and my deposit has been refunded. I will file a PAB now and update this thread with the results.

Sounds like a case of a casino not wanting to pay legit winnings.

I'm not sure where to post this so I will post it in both complaint forums, mods please move/delete the incorrect post
I messaged the rep for further information and here is the response I was sent:
bellerock said:
Unfortunately I cannot give you exact details. All I can say is that your accounts have been linked to a number of other accounts via various identifiers and will remain closed. Your deposits have been refunded to your Neteller accounts.

Best regards,

Belle Rock

I find the lack of any real information very problematic. Hopefully someone else can shed some light?
I received the deposit bonus and did very well. I cashed out for over 1000

Nice run.

Some casinos end up not paying if the customer did too well with the bonus money. I am not saying this is the case this time, but it seems so fishy that they won't provide any accurate details. They only give you a standard line. In any case, don't give up, pursue your winnings and make them provide you real proof for their actions.

They have given more information than you think.
Their response means they have determined that you have committed fraud. As such, they will not explain further as this will assist future fraud attempts.
This is a case of being found guilty, and you have to prove that you are innocent without knowing what created the link to fraud in the first place.
Often, innocent players are caught up because they are victims of coincidence, with SIMILAR names & details, or have matches that could be indicative of fraud, but also have an innocent explanation.
It seems that casinos tend to stop investigating once they have reason to believe fraud, and are not prepared to spend time looking into possible alternative explanations for the risk flags on accounts.
The industry lacks a pre-vetting option that all will accept. They rely on government ID at the point of withdrawal, and only when they have these do they have enough information to run a proper fraud check. Casinos are guilty because they run things this way to decrease the risk of the player losing interest in playing if they are to be vetted before being allowed to deposit.
What is needed is some kind of optional "player passport", that players can apply for to cover them for all the major casino brands, and for casinos to agree to accept this passport as genuine proof that the player is genuine. The big processors such as Proc Cyber are best placed to administer this scheme.
With B&M casinos it is a little different, although they can "lock your account" by having the door staff eject you from the premises, they cannot retrospectively confiscate winnings already cashed in and banked.
One idea that might work: the Gibraltar Data Protection Ordinance give you the write to request your personal data from the data controller, and the data controller has an obligation to ensure that the information is correct.

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