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Oct 16, 2005
I have have a pending withdrawal for a few weeks now. My account is with Jackpot City and I can't seem to make any progress dealing with support. I firstly sent in my driver's licence and a bank statement - I was informed that I will need to resend bank statement because the full document isn't shown. So then I sent in a full bank statement and was informed that i will need to resend documents (support wasn't more specific then this). I then sent in my driver's licence (front and back), passport, Bank statement, and utility bill and now have been informed that i need these documents certified. Honestly, I just feel that i'm getting nowhere here because every time I do what they say they come up with a new excuse. I'm very surprised because i've never been asked by any casino to have my documents certified before. How can a scanned image of a passport be certified? You can't have a certified passport, because a passport is a certificate, and what's the point of having a certificate if it has to be certified? Unless i'm sending originals by post, certifying a copy at my end will be useless because a scan or a fax of it will just be an uncertified copy of a certified copy when they receive it.
I am pleading for help as I do not know what else to do. This has been one of my worst casino experiences and I just want it to be over.



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